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The Earth is in danger !

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More and more often people are told not to be in direct sunlight, because ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause skin cancer. Normally the ozone layer in the atmosphere protects us from such radiation, but if there are holes in the ozone layer ultraviolet radiation can get to the earth. Many scientists think that these holes are the result of air pollution. Nuclear power stations can go wrong and cause nuclear pollution. This happened in Windscale in Britain, in Three Mile Island in the USA and Chernobyl in the former Soviet Union.

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There is no ocean or sea which is not used as a dump. The Pacific Ocean, especially, has suffered from nuclear pollution because the French Government tests nuclear weapons there. Many seas are used for dumping industrial waste straight into the North Sea. This poisons and kills fish and sea animals. ” Nuclear - poisoned” fish can be eaten by people. Many rivers and lakes are poisoned too. Fish and reptiles can’t live in them. There is not enough oxygen in the water. In such places all the birds leave their habitats and many plants die. If people drink this water they can die too. It happens so because factories and plants produce a lot of waste and pour it into rivers. So they poison the water. Factories use clean water. After the water is used it becomes poison which goes back into rivers, lakes and seas.

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Many less dangerous wild animals and birds are also disappearing from the Earth. Modern life is bad for them. The air is not fresh. The water is not clean. They don’t often have good things to eat and space to live. You can find their names in the Red Book. You can find the names of some fish there too.
Many animals and birds on the Earth are disappearing nowadays. Many of them are in danger. Indian tigers and African elephants are among them. People have hunted and killed many tigers in India and a lot of elephants in Africa. Why? Tigers and elephants are often dangerous animals. Tigers can kill cows, sheep, other domestic animals and sometimes they can also kill men. Some people are afraid of tigers and kill them to save their domestic animals and their lives. But some people have often hunted tigers for fun and for their beautiful skin .They can easily sell the skin and get a lot of money as the prices are high.

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WATER AND AIR POLLUTION. Both clean air and clean water are necessary for our health. If people want to survive they must solve these problems quickly. Man is beginning to understand that his environment is not just his own town or country, but the whole earth. That’s why people all over the world think and speak so much about ecology.
ANIMALS IN DANGER. People must take special care of them all. We must save wild animals. We must find the right balance between land, people and animals. We must take care of nature.