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My Free TimeMy Free TimeMy Free TimeMy Free TimeMy Free TimeMy Free TimeMy Free TimeMy Free TimeMy Free TimeMy Free Time
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My Free Time
friends hobbies and pastimes likes and dislikes   

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A friend in need is a friend indeed. A friend is never known till needed. He has no friend who has many friends. A friend to all is a friend to none. Tell me what company you keep, and I`ll tell you what you are.

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My Best Friend
I have got a friend. Her name is Ann. She is 12. We like to spend our free time together. We go to the cinema. We listen to . We watch . We play  games. She is my best friend.

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My Hobby.
I collect badges coins stamps toys books  I play football tennis hockey the piano the guitar
I am fond of singing dancing travelling reading cooking I go in for skating skiing  swimming running jumping

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A hobby is something you very much like to do in your free time, such as making models, growing roses or collecting different things.

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Tastes differ. There is no accounting for tastes.

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Different people have different hobbies.

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They visit different countries to learn different things about their culture, traditions and customs.

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They go in for sports to be strong and healthy.

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They collect different things because it is interesting and exciting.