Презентация - Тест к учебнику «Starlight 5»

Тест к учебнику «Starlight 5»Тест к учебнику «Starlight 5»Тест к учебнику «Starlight 5»Тест к учебнику «Starlight 5»Тест к учебнику «Starlight 5»Тест к учебнику «Starlight 5»Тест к учебнику «Starlight 5»
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Слайд 1

Choose the correct item. 1 My favourite ........ is reading. A game B sport C class D hobby 2 My mother has got long, ........ hair. A slim B straight C plump D full 3 Who is your ........ athlete? A best C favourite B popular D famous 4 The colours of the UK ........ are red, white and blue. A nation C flag B symbol D country 5 Anna is good ........ basketball. A for B to C from D at

Слайд 2

6 Tom is a(n) ........ at the local restaurant. A architect C vet B electrician D waiter 7 The Maasai people are an African ........ . A tribe B nation C group D team 8 J.K Rowling is a famous ........ . Her books are amazing! A astronaut C author B electrician D fire fighter 9 He isn’t fat, he’s just a little ........ . A middle- aged C plump B of medium height D fair 10 Her favourite day of the week is ........ . A October B Sunday C May D April

Слайд 3

Choose the correct item. 1 Jane is ........ than Mary. A tall B taller C tallest 2 ........ names are Daniel and Jim. A They B Their C His 3 Pedro ........ Spanish. He’s Mexican. A isn’t B aren’t C ‘m not 4 They ........ got a computer. A ‘s B ‘m C ‘ve 5 This is my notebook. ........ blue. A Its B It’s C It

Слайд 4

6 ........ is your surname? A What B Where C How 7 Hockey is the ........ sport in Canada. A popular C most popular B more popular 8 ........ Simon play the guitar? A Has B Is C Can 9 Anna and Celeste are from Italy. ....... are Italian. A Their B They C We

Слайд 5

11 Carla ........ got long hair. It’s short. A hasn’t B has C isn’t 12 ........ ’s she? Her name is Anna. A What B How C Who 13 Liz has got ........ medals than Sandra. A more B most C many 14 ........ Tammy and Jen sisters? A Have B Is C Are 15 Steven is the tallest ........ his class. A of B from C in

Слайд 6

Choose the correct response. 1 A: Are you Rebecca? B: a Nice to meet you. b Yes, I am. 2 A: How’s everything? B: a So-so. b Take care. 3 A: Have a nice evening, William. B: a Oh, hi Carla. b You too.

Слайд 7

4 A: See you tomorrow B: a I’m OK. b Goodbye. 5 A: How are you? B: a Hello! I’m Jack. b Not bad. 6 A: Goodbye. B: a Great. b Take care.