Презентация - I'm Proud Of My Land

I'm Proud Of My LandI'm Proud Of My LandI'm Proud Of My LandI'm Proud Of My LandI'm Proud Of My LandI'm Proud Of My LandI'm Proud Of My LandI'm Proud Of My LandI'm Proud Of My LandI'm Proud Of My LandI'm Proud Of My LandI'm Proud Of My Land
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I'm Proud Of My Land
Gulevich Diana Form 10 Kostyukovskaya secondary school

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I greatly love my Motherland, It’s forests, people, lakes, It’s cities, kind and friendly people, It’s rivers, children, plains.

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There are many beautiful places in the world I would like to visit and to see my own eyes those ones which I have read or heard about. But I completely agree with the English proverb “There is no place like home’. For me, it is a place where I was born. It is a place where all my relatives live and like living. It is a place where different events — happy and unhappy — take place. And finally it is a place that you can’t imagine your life without. I am a happy girl, because I live in a wonderful place Kostyukovka, a small native land, dear to my heart.

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The history of my village began in the 19th century, when the people began to settle on the left bank of the river Golubaya. It is located in the Amur region, Svobodny district. From the very childhood I breathe her natural air and enjoy the smells what are difficult to feel somewhere else.

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My village is beautiful at any time of the year. In spring she is hidden in the blooming gardens. In summer greens of woods and fields please my eye. In autumn endless fields of golden wheat are so attractive. And the first frost and fluffy snow bring so much happiness.

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Our nature is rich of amazing forests, fields. I feel myself very nice in the forest, especially in autumn. Walking in the forest, gathering mushrooms and noticing how autumn leaves shine with the gold. The air in the forest is clean fresh.

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I would like to speak about popular and famous sights of my village, which I am very proud of. It is a monument of an Unknown Soldier. On the 9th of May in every year students of our school take part in a meeting of Victory. This meeting is devoted to the Patriotic War. In honor of heroes killed, wounded in this bloody war, we lay wreaths and flowers to the monument.

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My school is a favourite place of meetings with my friends of mine. Here I have met my best friends. We have overcome a lot of troubles together, helped to understand each other and the world, which surrounds us. Every day I enrich my knowledge at school. It’s great because it will help me in future.

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There is a museum in my school too, which attracts many people from our region. I and my friends visit the Historical Museum very often. I’m very proud of this famous sight because it keeps much information about our native places and citizens of my motherland. I and my classmates gathered a lot of ancient items for the museum. There are photos of worriers, soldier’s letters from the front, documents and a lot of remarkable things which remind about horrible days of the Patriotic War. The Historical Museum is a heart of our motherland because it depicted all the pages of the history.

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The people of my village are very hospitable, they are always glad to meet the guests. We have many interesting traditions, such as: Festivals of folk and children`s song, we celebrate the Day of the Village, Farewell Winter Festival and the Day of old people. This place is for those people who are looking for peace and a lovely rural environment. There is no traffic noise here. So, if you want to walk on a carpet of meadows and flowers or climb the hills covered with thick woods or fish in our ponds or drink the crystal clear water, Kostykovka is just this place, which you must visit!

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My country – is my Russia, With all the fields and seas, Great cities and the villages, With people, Russian reeds. With valleys, green and wide, Museums, theatres and arts, With all celebrities it has, With sportsmen taking part: In famous competitions, We have the highest prize, As they have got a lot of medals, And never, never hide. I’ll never leave my country, Here I was born, I have my friends and close people, I won’t be a “gone!”