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Student HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent HandbookStudent Handbook
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Student Handbook
Municipal Educational Institution Secondary Comprehensive School № 21 Stary Oscol

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The handbook can help you to develop effective habits and organizational skills that can serve you well throughout your life. The first section of the school handbook includes school rules and regulations. It is your responsibility to be familiar with them and share the information with your parents. There you can also find useful advice, some information about the place you live in and other important things. The second section is an organizer. Here you are provided with an opportunity to record homework assignments, out-of-class activities. There are special columns for your teachers to put down your marks, space for parents' and class-supervisor's signatures to control your progress. The book will also serve for promoting your self-discipline and enhancing education

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O Russia, for ever you’re strong sacred country! O Russia, for ever the land that we love! The fame that is great and the will that is mighty – So be they thy treasure in ages to come. Praised be the Fatherland, cherishing home of ours – Cent’ries-old union of peoples in free, Popular wisdom given us by ancestors. Praised be our country! And we’re proud of thee! From seas in the South and up to polar border Our woods and our meadows have stretched far away. Alone in the whole world, you stand one and only! By God saved as ever our dear native land. Praised be the Fatherland, cherishing home of ours – Cent’ries-old union of peoples in free, Popular wisdom given us by ancestors. Praised be our country! And we’re proud of thee! For generous dreaming, for life and for longing The years approaching give us ample scope. With faith in our Homeland we are getting stronger. It was so, it is so and it will be so! Praised be the Fatherland, cherishing home of ours – Cent’ries-old union of peoples in free, Popular wisdom given us by ancestors. Praised be our country! And we’re proud of thee!
Facts: Square: 17075.4 thousand sq.kms. Population: 145.2 mln Length of Land borders: 20922 kms Length of sea borders: 38000 kms Capital: Moscow Head of the State: President Number of administrative units: 89 Official language: Russian Monetary unit: ruble

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Stary Oskol was founded as a fortress in 1593, as part of the southern fortification line around Moscow. In the 17th century, the town was sacked by Crimean Tatars and Ukrainian Cossacks. Later it was affected by the Russian Civil War in 1919, as well as World War II. After World War II industry developed in the city and its population started to grow. Stary Oskol is an important mining town of iron ore, situated at the border of the Kursk magnetic anomaly, one of the largest deposits of iron ore worldwide. More than eight million tons of iron ore are mined here per year. For this reason there is also a branch of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys MISIS in the city. In the center of the city, on Lenin Street, is located one of the oldest kids music schools of the city. The city is the adoptive hometown of mixed martial artist Fedor Emelianenko.

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September, 1986 – school № 21 opened its doors. A. S. Volobueva was the first principle of school. Nowadays the headmaster is Y. V. Dzyuba. Successful and creative day-to-day government is in his hands. School №21 offers a general course of academic and non-academic subjects, and gives secondary education. Besides, it offers specialized courses of Math and foreign languages (English and German). Our school provides its students with all opportunities to study the English and German languages thoroughly from the second grade up to the graduation. The school № 21 is not a huge one. It has about 500 students and 65 teachers. The teacher’s staff is high-qualified. The school is located in the south-west part of our town. It is a very picturesque place full of fresh air and greenery. It is a three-storied modern building with terrific flower-beds around it. Our school is rather well-equipped. There are sporting facilities including two gyms and a swimming pool on the ground floor and sports grounds outside the school building. On the ground floor, we have a library with a reading hall, a canteen, a cloak-room and some workshops. On the second floor, there is a large assembly hall, staff’s room, headmistress’s room and classrooms. We have also two computer classrooms where basic computer skills are taught. Every year our students take part in different subject contests on different levels: city and regional. Sometimes they are on the tops. So the school proves its reputation in teaching. During the years of studing students acquire deep knowledge of various subjects. After classes students have opportunities to use different out-of-class activities. Our social and cultural life is well-planned. Our youth organization is called «Unita». Almost everybody can find something to his or her taste. Teachers give not only knowledge of different subjects, but also teach to treat nature carefully, to love our Motherland, to be honest and hardworking. The school helps students to discover their special talents and abilities and made the right choice of the future occupation.

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The hymn of the school of joy
School of future is not the same To this one we are all now having. School of future is like a dream Like a tale with the final ending. School of future turns studing in pleasure It gives comfort and makes you feel baby, It is health, peace and knowledge together It is all that we need to be happy. Lots of clouds in sky in eternity fly, Smiles of children like beautiful flowers shine. School f future for us means joy, health and surprise- School of future is children’s paradise.

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Mission Statement of School № 21
In partnership with families and the community our school: guides its energies at the development of an up-to-date well-educated moral personality that can make responsible decisions independently, foreseeing the possible consequences; moulds students' civic responsibility for the destiny of their Motherland, legal and tolerant self-consciousness, ability for co-operation and active adaptation to the labour market; provides a meaningful environment for motivating each student to achieve his/her highest potential, preparing

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The project: School of Future
School of Joy Health Peace Positive emotions Activity Good mood Kind teachers Beauty Cooperation Smiles Cheerfulness Communication Compliment Unity with nature Lots of loyal friends Support Make studing resultative and pleasant Make us personalities The main compounds of the school of joy are health, peace and positive emotions. The man of future is healthy and strong, that’s why too much attention is paid to developing of physical capacities and abilities in the school of joy. Only a healthy man can feel happy in the school of joy, for with pain and illness it’s impossible. Health is the shortest way to the school of joy.

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Make studing resultative and pleasant Make us personalities
The main compounds of the school of joy are health, peace and positive emotions. The man of future is healthy and strong, that’s why too much attention is paid to developing of physical capacities and abilities in the school of joy. Only a healthy man can feel happy in the school of joy, for with pain and illness it’s impossible. Health is the shortest way to the school of joy. Good mood is the main condition of success. When good mood is shared with loyal friends, you realize that there is nothing better than atmosphere of cooperation, when are ready to help you and teachers are eager to give you the knowledge they have been preparing for you. Peace is the shortest way to the school of joy. People like to smile, because they make life radiant. Compliments give belief in forces. Support is inevitable part of success. Kind teachers are the source of knowledge, bright of human ideals. Positive emotions are the shortest paths to the school of joy. One of the elements of the school of joy is health. It’s directly connected with nature. School of joy will have it’s own peace of nature, where pupils will work and study. Animals there will be tamed and they will help little ones to learn. Abstract from composition on topic:" School of future”. “It’s very peaceful, with no sorrows and troubles. The lessons begin at 9 o’clock-to provide good dream for everyone. Lessons are easily understood, practically without hometasks. Every classroom has a TV and computer sets. It makes studing especially attractive and joyful. What about teachers? I don’t want to exclude them. They are our friends and no computer is able to replace them..”

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Headmaster Dzyuba Yuriy Vladimirovich Assistants Shvetsova E. N. Miroshnikova N. I. Alekseeva R. R. Skripka I.V.

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1st September – Knowledge Day 5th October –Teacher’s Day 24th October – UND Day 31st October – Halloween
10th December – Human Rights Day 25th December – Catholic Christmas
1st January – New Year 7th January – Orthodox Christmas 25th January – Tatiana’s Day 14th February – St. Valentine’s Day
1st April – April Fool’s Day 7th April International Health Day 9th of May – Victory Day !4th May – Family Day 1st June – Protection Children Day

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Students Rights and responsibilities general requirements Students rights Students responsibilities Excused Absence Unexcused Absence Make up assignments/work Lateness to school Early dismissals Classroom procedures Discipline behavior Dress code requirements

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Student Rights
1. All students are equal in their rights without distinction of any kind: parents' nationality, religion, financial position and social status. 2. Every student has the right to express freely his own opinions and views and the right to be listened. 3. Every student has the right to acquire, through active participation, knowledge and practical skills. 4. Each student has the right to participate in different activities, attend school clubs and extra courses. 5. Every student has the right to present school in different events and occasions according to students' abilities and skills. 6. Each student has the right for the business surrounding in class: business-like co-operation with teachers teachers' attention, individual studies, if it is necessary 7. Each student has the right to have a comfortable working place. 8. Each student has the right to refuse the work, which is harmful for his/her health. 9. Each student has the right to request the amendment of the student's educational records that the parent or student believes are inaccurate or misleading. Parents can address the Principal, clearly identifying the part of the record they want to change and specifying why it is inaccurate.

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Student Responsibilities
Each student should: 1. fulfill the requirements of the School Code and decisions of Teachers' Council and follow the rules instituted by the School Parliament and School Constitution; 2. study hard in order to acquire knowledge and skills of self-education; 3. take part in social activities; 4. take care of best school traditions and develop them; 5. behave properly in and out of school; 6. know and observe strictly traffic rules, fire security and other safety measurements.

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General Attendance Requirements Regular attendance shall be defined as attending school for the full day on each day, during which the school is in session. Everyday attendance contributes to a student's sense of responsibility, self-discipline and good work habits. Regular attendance is essential, if students are to understand the continuity of the curriculum and derive the maximum benefit from education to reach their potential. Excused Absence 1. Personal illness. 2. Family circumstances. 3. Quarantine. 4. Prearranged visit to social institutions (olympiads, contests, sport competitions, forums), discussed with the principal or the Head Teacher. 5. Emergencies (Administrative Approved). Unexcused Absence 1. Traffic trouble 2. Illegal employment 3. Parental neglect (visiting, overslept, undone homework, missed bus, etc.) Upon your return to school after an absence a written excuse must be brought from home, explaining the reason for your absence. Excuses for absence should be taken to the Head Teacher or a person, responsible for attendance. Absences must be properly excused in the accordance with the school Attendance Rules. School policy may require a medical excuse for any questionable absence or for 3 or more consecutive days out of absence. The school will make a reasonable attempt to contact parents of the students absent from school.

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Make Up Assignments / Work Students with unexcused absence will be allowed to make up any work missed, to take tests, which were missed, and to submit any assignments, which became due during the absence. The responsibility for arranging make-up work and turning in assignments rests with the student. Lateness to School A student who arrives to school later than 8.00 a.m. will report to his Room Teacher and remain in class. Lateness will be recorded in the Class Journal. Additional latenesses will result in review by the administration with the appropriate disciplinary action. Early Dismissals Early dismissal will be granted under certain circumstances. When requesting an early dismissal, a written request must be presented to the Assistant Principal or the Head Teacher by 8.00 a.m. on the day of the request. All such requests must bear the signature of the parent or guardian and the telephone number where the parent or the guardian may be reached. Students may not leave school without prior approval of the Assistant Principal or the Head Teacher.

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Classroom Procedures 1. Students are to go directly to their assigned seats upon entering the classroom. 2. Students will remain in their seats and at work until dismissed by the teacher. 3. Students are to give prompt obedience to any order or request given by the teacher. 4. Respect and good manners are to be shown to all teachers all the time. 5. Students are not to mark up desks or walls or other parts of the building and equipment. 6. Students are liable for any damages for which they are responsible. 7. No personal grooming in class is allowed (i.e. combing hair, using make-up, spraying hair, etc.) Violation of any of the points above may result in disciplinary actions

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Discipline. Behavior A student shall be subject to suspension for any conduct or behavior, which disrupts, hinders, or threatens the proper and orderly functioning of any school activity including classroom, extra-curricular, and athletic activities. 1. Class Cutting. It is a serious matter and disciplinary penalties will be handled through parent contact and in-school and out-of-school suspension. 2. Drugs / Alcohol. The possession, use, selling, or transferring of alcohol, drugs, or any illegal substance is strictly forbidden in school, at school activities, on school property. Penalty: suspension notification of police and a recommendation for expulsion. 3. Smoking. A student may not possess, use, dispense, or sell tobacco products while in school buildings, school grounds, or school buses. 4. Fighting. It is unacceptable behavior and has no place in school. Because of the potential for serious injury and disruption, fighting is dealt with severely. Students must make every effort to avoid involvement in a fight or they will have to suffer the penalties, up to an optional recommendation for expulsion. 5. Telephone use. A public telephone is located in the school lobby and may be used by students to make personal calls. The use of sell phones and pagers (beepers) during class are prohibited. 6. Harassment. Swearing or suggestive language is inappropriate at all the times. Actions, remarks (spoken or written) that defame the dignity or self-esteem of individuals or groups and create intimidating, hostile, or offensive feelings, including those of sexual nature, are not tolerated in school. Penalty - as designated in the Student Code of Conduct.

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Successful study strategies: Concentrate on your teacher Tune out noise/talking Listen for the main idea Use the 5 W’s and 1 H to focus your ears’ What? Why? Where? When? Who? How? Be alert for the speaker’s feelings and style Write down important ideas and supporting facts Use your own words, not your teacher’s Learn different notes-taking methods (mopping or outlining) Keep notes organized by dating and numbering pages Keep all notes for a class in one place Tip: Listen 80% and write 20 % of the time. Quickly review what you’re learning in each class daily and weekly Summarize important chapters, lectures or discussions. Just doing this will help you remember Apply what you’re learning as soon as possible Study with friends if stay on topic. Ask questions and answer their questions Learn memory aid techniques to trigger recoil Tip: Short, rape oted study periods work better then one long cram session Work in the same place as much as possible Keep your workplace clean and uncluttered Make sure you have good lightning o avoid tired eyes and drowsiness Use a firm, straight chair Don’t do homework in front of the TV! Quite music may help, or it may just distract you Choose what’s the best and stick to it.
Successful study strategies

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Set your goals.
Take time to set some goals and write them out in the slots provided. Goals should be related to your academic studies, athletic aspirations, personal resolutions, and friendship commitments. Be realistic; your goals must be Set time limits. attainable. Go for it! Keep at it! List your goals in order of priority. Share your goals, plan of action, Be specific about how you can attain and progress with others. success. Reward yourself you complete a Draw up a one step time plan of action. goal. Getting better grades: Fix in your mind what grades In capital letters print statement you desire. It is not enough to say about the grade you desire and by “I want good grades.” when you will acquire it; state Determine what you will give in what you will do to get the result return for getting and how you will do it. Post it in higher grades. White down what you a spot where you will see it often. will do for it! Periodically read your written Establish a define time when the statement aloud. Concentrate as improved grades are show up e.g., you read it and think of yourself next assignment, next project. already possessing this grade. Keep checking to see whether in fact you are reaching the goal you set!

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Manage your time
You can increase the opportunities to do things you want and need to do by improving on how you manage your time. Those who manage their time effectively have the same twenty-four hours in a day as everyone else. The trick is to develop a concrete plan for home, school, and work. Planning ahead and applying these time-management strategies will result in getting maximum value for the time you have. Good organization is the key a to success. Time management hints: Follow these steps & you will stay on the top of your school work. During class: Record all home work, other assignments & tests dates accurately. Ask your teacher about any problems you encountered while doing your home work. At home: Begin by shedding your time in half –hour or hour blocks. Arrange your work in order of priority. Spend more time on the subjects which require improvement. Allow yourself time to review your work two or three days before a control work. When an assignment is completed check it off in agenda. Transfer all unfinished tasks to future dates. Review your past weekly schedule and make the necessary adjustments for the coming week. Schedule time to review assignments and control works returned by your teacher. Redo incorrect answers.

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Quotations 1. A label is easy to stick on, but takes some effort to remove. 2. You can't judge a book by its cover, but you can tell a lot by the first page. 3. Never forget to do the impossible while reaching the possible. (A. Rubinstein) 4. Once you stop acting like something you become something. 5. Good thoughts are worth of repeating. (M. Kalinin) 6. It's easy to jump off the merry-go-round. It's harder to stay on and not get dizzy. 7. Study and read. Read books that are serious. Life will do the rest. (F. Dostoyevsky) 8. Perfect balance is getting everything you want out of life without compromising any of your convictions. 9. Never, under no circumstances, think the world of yourself or swagger. (A. Chekhov) 10. Don't teach - don't preach - don't try to reach. Just seek and all will come to you. 11. Many people prefer joking to thinking. (M. Gorky) 12. Fame does not make one an authority. 13. The wealth of language is the wealth of thoughts. (N. Karamzin) 14. We all lie. The only difference is how we disguise it to ourselves or to others. 15. The book is the greatest thing while the person knows how to use it. (A. Block) 16. If we were all brought up to think about the next generation, this one would be just fine. 17. The one who doesn't respect oneself will definitely not be respected by others. (N. Karamzin) 18. Ever notice that people who say "don't follow me" have thousands of people following them? 19. Define the way of life even when it seems unbearable to live. Make your life useful. (N. Ostrovsky) 20. If I could find just one square inch on earth where I didn't have to answer to anyone, I would call that Freedom. 21. Only a deep and kind soul can laugh kindly and heartily. (N. Gogol) 22. There are no new thoughts - just new ways to say them. 23. Simplicity is the main condition for moral beauty. (L. Tolstoy)

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The project was created with the help of the teachers
Lunyova S. N.
Tantsyura I.O.