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Passive VoicePassive VoicePassive VoicePassive VoicePassive Voice
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Topic: Aims: learning grammar
Passive Voice
Check homework: WB-1 p.38
10th December

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Passive Voice
Ex. The teacher gave us a lot of homework.
Ex. A lot of homework was given to us by our teacher.
(Active Voice)
(Passive Voice)
Active Voice: (do) V
Passive Voice: (be done) be V3

Слайд 3

P a s s i v e
Present am are V3 is Pupils are asked at every English lesson.
Past was V3 were The pupil was asked at the last English lesson.
Future will be V3 The pupil will be asked next week.

Слайд 4

Class Work
SB – 68 p.50; SB -69; SB – 71:
1. My little sister Julia named the dog Martin.
2.The policeman could enter the room any minute.
3.Everyone looked for the lost train ticket, but nobody found it.
4. If our pupils collect the pictures the idea of a new exhibition is good.
5.People celebrate New Year all over the world.
6. My mum’s relatives invited us to a party.

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SB – 26 p.58; SB – 28 p.59