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When is Halloween celebrated? (on the 31st of October) What traditions of Halloween do you know? ( going for “trick or treat”, having parties, telling scare stories, making jack-o-lantern from a pumpkin, dressing up and wearing costumes, playing the games)

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What are the colours of Halloween? (black and orange: black is the colour of night and Halloween is celebrated at night, orange is the colour of pumpkin, one of the symbols of the holiday) What are the symbols of Halloween?

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Haunted house

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Halloween Word Scramble

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sgoth tuscoem
chitw otrcboe
ealwneohl thdneau hsoeu
acdyn tbsa
ignblo kpmuipn

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ghost costume
witch October
Halloween haunted house
candy bats
goblin pumpkin

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Halloween Word Puzzle

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Halloween Crossword

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Vampire game
You know vampires drink blood. You should catch and bite the apples without the help of your hands. I need six volunteers: three persons will be hold the apples, and three will be catch the fruit.

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Jack O'Lantern

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You know witches ride a broomstick. Let’s pretend that you are witches. Here are your small broomsticks. You have to jump to the end of classroom holding the broomstick between your knees.

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The end