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The British Museum One of the great museums in the world. There are famous exhibitions from ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and other parts of the world.

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In this old London Prison you can experience prison life. You can also have your birthday party here!

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The London Eye Take a bird’s-eye view of the capital on this amazing big wheel. Spectacular views at night!
The London Eye

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The Globe Theatre Visit the replica of the old theatre. Learn about the life and plays of Shakespeare.

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This wax museum has an incredible collection. There are famous people from history from Napoleon to Winston Churchill, and modern celebrities from the worlds of sport, pop and films.

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This has one of the really great collections of paintings in the world. Don’t miss it!

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The Science Museum There are over 10,000 things to see in this fantastic museum. Take a virtual rocket ride around the solar system!

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Do you like modern art? Yes? Then this is the place for you!
The Tate Modern

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The Natural History Museum The museum is in a beautiful old building and has interactive exhibitions. See ‘live’ dinosaurs and learn about animal and plant life on our planet!