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Робин ГудРобин ГудРобин ГудРобин ГудРобин ГудРобин ГудРобин ГудРобин ГудРобин Гуд
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В XI веке Англию захватили норманны.
Многих коренных жителей, саксов, согнали с привычных мест.
Эта участь постигла юного Робина. Он собрал отряд из таких же, как он, обездоленных, ушел в леса и стал разбойником по прозвищу Робин Гуд.
Случалось, что награбленное у богатых он раздавал беднякам.
Баллады о Робин Гуде создавались английским народом не одно столетие, но стали единым эпосом в XV веке.

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Robin Hood - the hero of the medieval English ballads , the leader of the thieves . He lived in the second half of the 12th century in England. Robin Hood settled in the forest near Nottingham with his friends : Baby John Brother Tuk Will Scarlet the Miller's son Alan from Gully (Alan-a-Dale) and Marian – Robin’s wife. All together they robbed the rich people ,and gave the money to the poor This story has a lot of wonderful scenes full of exciting adventures.

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It is worth reading
I think that the ballads about Robin Hood will appeal to the boys who like risky Adventures and want to have many friends. Such characters as Robin Hood are an example for everyone, who loves life, his land. I am sure the girls will adore reading these ballads as they often dream about meeting brave, noble and smart men.
Keep your chin up and there will be happiness One day

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We have read these stories and discussed them later In the classroom with our classmates and our teacher We are sure that this book is worth reading. It teaches us to be Just, brave and noble. Today these qualities are very Important in our life. We must be able to defend our point of view

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Walter Scott's «Ivanhoe », «Rob Roy». A. S. Pushkin «Dubrovsky». Weber Pierre «FanFan-Tulip» Thomas Mayne Reid «the headless horseman».

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHGgrb29hj4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5IC4mEpllk
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