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London in my eyesLondon in my eyesLondon in my eyesLondon in my eyesLondon in my eyesLondon in my eyesLondon in my eyesLondon in my eyesLondon in my eyes
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London in my eyes

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30 St Mary Axe
This is a skyscraper in the City of London. The building has become an iconic symbol of London and is one of the city's most widely recognized examples of modern architecture. 30 St Mary Axe informally known as "the Gherkin“. It really looks like a gherkin.

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The City of London Today the City is a mostly commercial district. Many people know that the City is the historic heart of London. But it isn't all about history or historic buildings.  There has been plenty of construction activity in the 20th and early 21st century.

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City Hall
City Hall is home to the Mayor of London. It is located on the bank of the River Thames near Tower Bridge. It was designed by  Norman Foster and opened in July 2002. The nickname of the building is Pretty Egg.

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The Shard
 The Shard is the newest and tallest skyscraper in London. The tower has a viewing gallery and open-air observation deck . The Shard is clad entirely in glass. It reminds us of a house of cards. The corners of The Shard are open and the shards don't touch, which helps with air circulation inside the building. The tower is 310 meters tall.

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Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication
Ravensbourne  is located on the Greenwich Peninsula in London. The facade is composed of aluminum tiles in three different shapes and colours. The tiled façade is perforated with round windows of varying sizes, with two rows of windows per floor to provide views of the surrounding city.

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Millennium Dome
The Millennium Dome is a stadium. It is a huge metal tent lying on a bend of the Thames near Greenwich. It is the largest single-roofed building in the world, tall enough to accommodate Nelson’s Column standing upright, or the Eiffel Tower on its side.

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Residential buildings

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