Презентация - Seasons


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Listen and repeat

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Complete the sentences
1. The donkey doesn’t like winter, because he hasn’t got any… … . a. red apples b. green grass c. nice flowers 2. He doesn’t like summer, because it’s very … . a. cold b. rainy c. hot 3. In autumn the donkey has got a lot of … . a. apples and carrots b. sweets and cakes c. sandwiches

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Read the sentences and say: true or false
It’s warm and sunny in winter. The donkey hasn’t got any green grass to eat in winter. The donkey likes spring. In autumn the donkey has got a lot of apples and carrots to eat. The donkey doesn’t like summer because it’s very hot.

Слайд 7

Let’s read the dialogue
- What is your favourite season? - My favourite season is autumn. - Why? Because I like apples very much. Make up your own dialogues with your classmates Use: play snowballs, swim in the river, walk in the park

Слайд 8

Let’s play a game “Boasters”
Sometimes months can boast : who is colder, who is hotter. You can use the words: Hot, dry, cold, wet, warm, cool, beautiful, interesting Examples: I’m January. I’m cold. I’m February. I’m colder. I’m December. I’m the coldest.

Слайд 9

English traditions
Samuel Johnson, an English writer, said: “ When two Englishmen meet, their first talk is of the weather.” You know, the weather changes so quickly in England. In the morning it can be warm and sunny, and in the afternoon it can be rainy and wet. You must always take an umbrella when you go out.

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My friend Annie Is taller than me. My friend Pete Has got bigger feet.
Bigger or smaller, Shorter or taller, Thinner or fatter, It doesn’t matter.
My friend Rose Has got a shorter nose. My friend Peg Has got longer legs.
After all, In the end, There is nothing better Than a friend!