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All about meAll about meAll about meAll about meAll about meAll about meAll about meAll about meAll about meAll about meAll about meAll about meAll about me
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All about me
Презентация подготовлена учеником 4-го Г класса Сидоровым Максимом

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1.My family’s summer favourites
Summer is a time for family holidays. In my family we like to spend time together. Mum likes cooking,going shopping and reading books. Dad likes cooking and driving a car. Grandfather likes watching TV. I like to play computer games and read books. We like travelling.

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2.My favourite animal.
My favourite animal is Bonya,with her kittens. Here it’s a picture. I think Bonya is very special because it is beautiful It is fluffy than rabbits I like playing with it

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3.Our home rules
1.Always make the bed 2.In the morning I often cook a hеn eggs 3.Don’t be lazy before learning lessons 4.Be polite at school

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4.My day
On weekdays I get up at 6:30 am. First, I wash. Then I get dressed. After that I go to school. At school I work at lessons. After school I learn lessons, after that I go home. In the evening I read the books. My bedtime is 9:30 pm.

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5.My school bag
This is my school bag. In my school bag I’ve got textbooks,copybooks There are also pens and а folder for notebooks This is a diary.

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6.My classroom
My classroom is very big. It is light. There are tables and а desk in my classroom. There are also pictures. We’ve got computers. And in my class room we have a TV.

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7.My primary school
I think that a primary school is important. In primary school I learn maths,languanges and more. In primary school I’ve got many friends. But I have not got sport. In secondary school we’ll have IT. I’m scared that homework will be hard. But I hope that I will get good marks.

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8.Our flat
Our home is flat. There are four rooms in it.We have got a livingroom,a bedroom,a kitchen and a bathroom.

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9.My room is always tidy
My room is always tidy. I have a lot of furniture in my room.There is a desk,a bed,two chairs,a computer,a lamp,a wardrobe and a robe. I put a computer on the desk.I put a bed on the floor. I keep clothes in the wardrobe. I like cleaning my room.

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10.My hometown is special
I live in a big city Rostov-on-Don. I like living there because there are many beautiful parks. There are hospitals,cafes,restaurants. You can visit a library and read books there. My favourite place is a radiofair(market). People are friendly and hospitable. My hometown is special because it is beautiful and big.

Слайд 12

11.My dream job
I like playing computer games. I am good at making presentations. I can run and jump well. I am going to a programmer. I am not going to be a seller, because it is boring. I want to be a programmer because I like using a computer.

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