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Yellowstone - National parksYellowstone - National parksYellowstone - National parksYellowstone - National parksYellowstone - National parks
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National parks
Britain’s breathing space
National parks  

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What species of Wildlife can I see in the park?
“Below is just a sampling of the animals that you can encounter on your visit to Yellowstone National Park. Habitat preferences and seasonal cycles of movement determine where a particular animal may be at a particular time. Early morning and evening hours are when animals tend to be feeding and thus are more easily seen. However, remember that the numbers and variety of Yellowstone animals you see are largely a matter of luck and coincidence.” “Ниже - примеры животных, которые могут возникнуть во время вашего визита в Национальный парк Йеллоустоун. Обитания, предпочтения и сезонные циклы движения определить, где конкретное животное может быть в конкретное время. Раннее утро и вечерние часы, когда животные, как правило кормятся и, следовательно, их более легко увидеть. Однако следует помнить, что количество и разнообразие Yellowstone животных, которых вы видите, - это во многом вопрос везения и совпадения.”

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Animals Yellowstone national park
Antelope Less than 1,000 antelope currently migrate through the Yellowstone area. Bears Everyone comes to Yellowstone to see a bear. Keep your eyes open, there are still here, both grizzly and black bear. Bighorn Sheep A few hundred of these call Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area their home. Bison Yellowstone National Park is the only place in the lower 48 states to have a continuously free-ranging bison population since prehistoric times. Bobcats No research has been conducted in Yellowstone to determine the numbers or distribution of this elusive animal that usually is solitary, nocturnal, and widely scattered over its range.

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Elk Easily the largest population of large mammals in Yellowstone Park, over 15,000 elk call the area their home. Moose Moose are the largest member of the deer family and can be found in the marshy areas of the park including lake shores and along rivers. Mountain Lions The mountain lion, also called the cougar, is the largest member of the cat family living in Yellowstone. Mule Deer Mule deer are so-named for named for their large mule-like ears. Wolves There are currently 13 wolf packs making Yellowstone National Park their home. Wolves are some of the most intelligent mammals on the planet. Treat them with the utmost respect.

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