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Lubov OrlovaLubov OrlovaLubov OrlovaLubov OrlovaLubov OrlovaLubov OrlovaLubov Orlova
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Kvon Yana, 7A
Lubov Orlova

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Lubov Orlova is a famous russian actress, dancer, singer, pianist. She was born in Zvenigorod, Russia in 1902 and died in 1975 in Moscow. All her life Lubov Petrovna played in theatres but was better known as a film star. In 1993, she met Grigory Alexandrov, which played an important role in her career.

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Moscow, Bronnaya street, 29 – the house where in 1966-1975 lived Lubov Orlova

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Some of her parts are in the films: - Jolly Fellows - The Circus - Enjeneer Konchin’s Fault - The Spring Some of her parts are in the theatre: - Pretty liar - Nora - Somov and others

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In addition, Lubov Petrovna had a lot of awards in the field of cinema. She had a friendly relationships with Stalin and Fedor Chaliapin a family friend of The Orlovs. That he saw in Orlova acting talent.