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My profession is teacher

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I work as a kindergarten teacher. The profession of the kindergarten teacher is one of the noble and the right people.

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Communication with children is - every time some sort of exam.

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Wise a little teacher and test you for strength, and at the same time love you with sincere love.

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The secret of their pure love is simple: they are open and ingenuous.

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Working with children, I never cease to be amazed at how they are different, unpredictable, interesting, funny, and smart.

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I am proud of my profession that my children see me smiling his special smile that I immediately recognize, greet, and share their news and achievements.

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The profession is one of the teacher most important and significant in our modern society. 

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To be a teacher is a calling

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It means to want and be able to live again the childhood of every child, to see the world through his eyes.