Презентация - Обозначение количества в английском языке

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Обозначение количества в английском языке
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Обозначение количества в английском языке. Употребление английских местоимений, обозначающих количество, можно представить в виде перевернутого треугольника. Местоимения располагаются снизу вверх по увеличению количества. Для учащихся 4-5 классов

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no few a few some all/every all Countable nouns Uncountable nouns many little a little some much

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1. How much water is there in the glass? 4. Is there much or little snow in England in winter? 5. We haven t got much work today. We can go to the cinema. 2. Can you describe the situation in a few words? 6. Hurry up! We have very little time. 7. Why are there so many children in the street? It is very late. 8. There is still little sugar in my tea. May I ask you for some more sugar? 11. Are there many or few pictures in this book? Only a few . 12. Don t make so much noise. The child is sleeping. 3. Could you give me a little cheese, please? 9. There are so many pies on the dish. You may take some for your friends. 10. How much tea is there in the cup? much a few a little much little little little many many much few a few much many much