Презентация - My dream house

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My dream house
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Слайд 1

My dream house, слайд 1

My dream house
Презентация Матюнина Серафима Ученика православной гимназии им. Иоаннa Кронштадтского Гор. Лесосибирска Учитель-Шалыгина Г. М. 2019г.

Слайд 2

My dream house, слайд 2
My house is gorgeous
My dream is to live in a big detached house surrounded by a big garden full of flowers and trees.  My home is located outside  the city in the mountains of Canada. It has four floors and a garage made of Valyrian stone.
It’s made in the gothic style of medieval ages. That’s why It looks like a castles

Слайд 3

My dream house, слайд 3

front hall
My dream house’s  interior design is carefully planned . You can see that beauty lies within the details here. There is a soft brown sofa for guests, antique wooden table and a spiral staircase leading to the home library.

Слайд 4

My dream house, слайд 4
my living room reflects my inner world and privacy
The family crest over the fireplace the bearskin in front of the Royal sofa makes me strong and confident

Слайд 5

My dream house, слайд 5

My cozy kitchen is attractively decorated in the Gothic style.

Слайд 6

My dream house, слайд 6
My dream house has the characteristics that represent my spiritual world and personality. So the rooms are decorated in different architectural styles. It’s my hallway made of plastic, stone and glass, leading to the kitchen.

Слайд 7

My dream house, слайд 7
My Bathroom and a bedroom
Upstairs there would be a bedroom and a bathroom.
I have the biggest and most luxurious bedroom and I am always satisfied with it.

Слайд 8

My dream house, слайд 8
I invite you to visit me, when my dream comes true
Thank you for your attention goodbye
Presentation of 8th grade student Matyunin Serafim
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