Презентация - People and animals in the country and in the city

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Слайд 1

People and animals in the country and in the city

Слайд 2

Who is it?
It is a/an …

Слайд 3

Where do they live?
On the farm In the zoo In the forest
… live …

Слайд 4

Who is stronger?

Слайд 5

Who is smaller?

Слайд 6

Who is bigger?

Слайд 7

Who is the strongest?

Слайд 8

Who is the smallest?

Слайд 9

Let’s sing and do exercises together

Слайд 10

Animals and their habitat

Слайд 11

Let’s meet new animals
An eagle
A camel
A dolphin
A whale
A snake

Слайд 12

Where do they live?
in the sea
in the river
in the desert
in the mountains
In the ocean

Слайд 13

Find an extra word
A hen, a fox, a sheep, a cow, a horse A cockerel, a hen, a cow, a duck A camel, an elephant, an eagle, a monkey A whale, a fish, a crocodile, a dolphin

Слайд 14

What is hidden?
A whale lives ….
A camel lives ….
A dolphin lives ….
An eagle lives ….

Слайд 15

Match and read the dialog

Слайд 16

To learn new words To make a riddle about one animal