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Ребусы по - английски
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Слайд 1

Ребусы по - английски
Викторина к уроку английского языка для учащихся 9 – 11х классов

Слайд 2

What is the nickname of the British flag?
Union Jack.

Слайд 3

what is the capital of Scotland?

Слайд 4

Whose birthplace is Stratford upon-Avon?
W. Shakespeare.

Слайд 5

What is the symbol of Northern Ireland, a shamrock or a thistle?
A shamrock.

Слайд 6

What is the official residence of the British Queen?
Buckingham Palace.

Слайд 7

What is the nickname of Margaret Thatcher, the previous Prime-Minister or the UK?
Iron Lady

Слайд 8

What river does London stand on?
The Thames.

Слайд 9

What is the capital of Wales?

Слайд 10

What is the central square of London?
Trafalgar Square.

Слайд 11

What holiday is celebrated on the 31st of October?

Слайд 12

What is the capital of Northern Ireland?

Слайд 13

How many parts does the UK consist of?
Four parts

Слайд 14

What are the two oldest universities of the UK?
Oxford and Cambridge

Слайд 15

In what take of Scotland does the mysterious monster live?

Слайд 16

What is the poorest part of London, East End or West End?
East End.

Слайд 17

What city is the birthplace of the group the Beatles?

Слайд 18

What holiday do the British celebrate on the 5th of November?
Guy Fawkes Night.

Слайд 19

What traditional song is usually performed on a British birthday party?
Happy Birthday.

Слайд 20

In what park is so called Speakers’ Corner situated?
In Hyde Park.

Слайд 21

What vegetable is traditional on Halloween?

Слайд 22

What is the symbol of Wales?
A daffodil.

Слайд 23

Name the degrees of comparison of the adjective “great”.
Greater - the greatest.

Слайд 24

For the adverb of the adjective “slow”

Слайд 25

Translate the phrase “слева от стола”.
To the left of the table.

Слайд 26

What is the auxiliary verb in the Past Simple?

Слайд 27

What great historical event happened in 1066?
The battle of Hastings, The Normans’ conquest.

Слайд 28

Name the third form of the verb “teach”.

Слайд 29

Where are the British kings crowned?
In Westminster Abbey.

Слайд 30

Name the plural of the word “mouse”.

Слайд 31

Where does The Changing of the Guard take place?
The Forecourt of Buckingham Palace.

Слайд 32

Form the adjective from the noun.

Слайд 33

What is the English equivalent of the verb “должен”?

Слайд 34

Name the definite article.

Слайд 35

Translate the phrase “слушать радио”.
Listen to the radio.

Слайд 36

Name the synonym of the word “small”.

Слайд 37

Is the word “money” countable of uncountable?

Слайд 38

Name three forms of the verb “sweep”.
Sweep, swept, swept.

Слайд 39

Name the fifth letter of the English alphabet

Слайд 40

Name the degrees of comparison of adjective “wonderful”.
More wonderful; the most wonderful.

Слайд 41

Name the third form of the verb “find”.

Слайд 42

Name the plural of the noun “sheep”.

Слайд 43

Form the adjective from the noun “rain”.

Слайд 44

Name the second form of the verb “speak”.

Слайд 45

Name the eighth letter of the English alphabet.

Слайд 46

What animal is Australia famous for?

Слайд 47

What is the capital of Australia?

Слайд 48

What are the colors of the national Canadian flag?
White, red.

Слайд 49

Is Australia situated in the southern of northern hemisphere?

Слайд 50

Name the biggest island and the smallest continent in the world?

Слайд 51

What is the common name of the takes Ontario, Superior, Erie, Huron, and Michigan?
The Great lakes.

Слайд 52

What is the capital of Canada?

Слайд 53

What is depicted on the national Canadian flag?
A maple leaf.

Слайд 54

How many states does the USA consist of?

Слайд 55

Who discovered the American continent?
Christopher Columbus.

Слайд 56

What oceans in the USA washed by?
The Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.

Слайд 57

What are the official languages in Canada?
English, French.

Слайд 58

What is the nickname of New York?
Big Apple.

Слайд 59

What is the longest river of the USA?
The Mississippi.

Слайд 60

What is the name of the island in New York where the Statue of Liberty stands?
Manhattan Island or Liberty Island.

Слайд 61

In what British museum can people see the wax copies of famous people?
In Madam Tussaud’s Gallery.

Слайд 62

Name an English poet and writer who wrote beautiful pomes called sonnets.
W. Shakespeare.

Слайд 63

What was the name of the leader of the group the “Beatles”?
John Lennon.

Слайд 64

Was Gershwin an American or British composer?

Слайд 65

Who is the head of state in Scotland?
The Queen of the UK.

Слайд 66

When did Queen Elizabeth II ascend the throne?
In February, 1952.

Слайд 67

What British writer is the author of fantasy tales “The Hobbits”, and “The Lord of the Rings”?
J.R.R. Tolkien.

Слайд 68

Name a famous national Scottish musical instrument.
A bagpipe.

Слайд 69

What’s the name of the London underground.
The Tube.

Слайд 70

What do the letters MP stand for?
Member of Parliament.

Слайд 71

How many wives Henry VIII had?

Слайд 72

In England the English live, in Scotland..?
The Scotts.

Слайд 73

How many children Shakespeare had?

Слайд 74

What was Shakespeare’s wife name?
Anne Hathaway.

Слайд 75

The creator of Mickey Mouse.

Слайд 76

This famous admiral won the battle of Trafalgar.

Слайд 77

It’s been a fortress, a palace and a 200. Now it’s a museum.
The Tower.

Слайд 78

What is a double-decker?
A bus.
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