Презентация - Toropets people: what are they like?

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Toropets people: what are they like?
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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 1
Toropets people: what are they like?
Presented by 10A formers: Vasilyeva Violetta Rogozova Olya Pushkina Anastasiya Directed by Efimova N.N

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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 2
At our English lessons we spoke much about the influence of Geography on people and their lifestyles,discussed ideal for each of us place where we would like to live. For many children such place appeared to be our native town of Toropets in which we were born, have grown, which customs are very dear for us. So what are they like– people of Toropets?

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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 3
Town atmosphere and habbits
Toropets is an ancient Russian town existing for already almost a millenium, with its ancient traditions, customs and prominent fellow-towns men People live in ecologically pure region therefore they enjoy nature, their hobbies are fishing, hunting and gardening. People in Toropets are not prudish, they are quiet because the life in the distance from the big cities is deprived of excessive fuss. As the city is rather ancient, it has preserved its original cuisine and local dialect, often not quite understandable for strangers. Modern traditions have appeared in Toropets: bath day is Saturday, and market days are Friday and Sundays.

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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 4
A bit of Toropets history
Toropets is one of the most ancient Russian cities. In the beginning of theVIII century slavic tribes Krivichy founded here a legendary fortress of Krivitesk. The Lavrentevsky annals first mentioned Toropets in about 1074. This date is considered the day of the foundation of the city. Toropets lay on the famous trade route “from the Varangian to the Greeks », Toropets princes became the ancestors of dynasties of Moscow and Tver princes.

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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 5
In 1167 prince Mstislav The Brave became the first Toropets prince, then his son Mstislav The Daring reigned. Toropets lands were inherited by Mstislav’s grandson . In 1239 Alexander Nevsky married here to Polotsk princess Aleksandra. In the early Middle Ages Toropets was the capital of a powerful tribal union of Krivichy and then it became the centre of the independent Toropets state. In the 17th century Toropets was one of the richest merchant’s centures of Russia

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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 6
The Patriarch of Moscow and the whole Russia Tihon
Tihon (Vasily Ivanovich Bellavin) was born on January, 19th, 1865 in the town of Toropets the Pskov region in the family of apriest. Parents sent him to Toropets theological school. He continued his education at Pskov theological seminary and later at theological Academy in St-Petersburg. In 1898 arrived in America where he worked for many years for the blessing of Orthodox Church. Since November, 21st, 1917 metropolitan Tihon was the Patriarch of Moscow and Russia. Patriarch Tihon died on March, 25th, 1925.

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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 7
Nikolay Pavlovich Gladilschikov
The first Russian tamer was born in Toropets in 1895. Since early childhood Nikolay was interested in sport. He won the national wrestling competitions.When Nikolay got to St-Petersburg he came to work at the circus as a tamer. This activity absorbed him .There he got a fame as a Pioneer of mixed taming. He got some awards for his achievements. Gladilshchikov died at the age of 85 in 1980.

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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 8
Geography and climate
The town of Toropets is situated in the central part of the East European Plain in the Tver region.20 km to the south there is Moscow-Riga highway.Toropets stands on the river Toropa. 25- lakes like pearls are scattered among hills,pine forests and ringing birch groves. Our native town has its own atmosphere. I would like to begin with winter period. You see, our magical «Russian winter» can drive everybody. Besides, snow in winter is so white and unusual for British people, that sometimes you can think that it`s big flakes of wool falling on the ground and space around you become dreamlike. Our summer is as beautiful in Toropets as winter .You can enjoy your holidays on the banks of rivers and shores of lakes. Bright sunny rays can improve your spirit.

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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 9
Toropets Nature and hobbies
Our district is considered the cleanest ecological area not only in the Tver region but even in Europe. Drinkable water, variety of fish and animal world, picturesque corners of nature attract not only tourists. People of Toropets enjoy such hobbies as hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, gardening. Our lakes and greenery add to the attractiveness of the town.

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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 10
The people of Toropets
The population of Toropets is about 13 000 people. Hospitality has always been typical of Toropets people. Every stranger finds warm welcome in this town. But you shouldn’t expect hospitable greetings, friendly hand shaking and inviting to cafe at once. The point is people in Toropets are very polite and modest. Besides, they try to keep their original language and habits.

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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 11
Culinary predilections
Toropets cuisine is rich and varied. In Toropets there is a large variety of milk products: granulated cream cheese called «tvorog», thick sour cream called «smetana». Smetana is an almost universal flavouring sauce. Ryazhenka is a sour milk product made from baked milk, very pleasant to taste. For breakfast Toropets people prefer curd-fritters, buckwheat porridge with milk, boiled or fried eggs or pancakes with butter and jam. Traditional dishes are “makanka” – small cut fried salty cod and boiled potatoes.

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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 12
Original Toropets dialect

Local dialect has always been a distinctive feature of any place.It is passed on from on generation to another. As to Toropets it is generally used by elderly people. Your Granny can call you “nedolugy”, meaning that you failed to do something properly. Or old people are glad when you “upakal”(have succeeded in something). We feel very sorry for our grandparents when they say “nenjat”(complain of being not quite well).

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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 13

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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 14
Modern traditions in Toropets
People of Toropets observe some modern customs which appeared relatively not long ago: Religious festivals are observed nowadays The Day of the Town is celebrated every summer Victory day Parade and Meeting are held on the 9th of May every year

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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 15
They are…
People of Toropets are not just proud of their home town life. They try to do all they can to make Toropets history richer and more interesting Ancient churches and cathedrals are being restored now. Town streets are equipped with modern amenities and new houses are built. Besides visitors can see how town traditions and customs are observed in Toropets. Even in hard for Toropets times people try to do their best to observe traditions raising good spirits and hope for the best in other people.

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Toropets people: what are they like?, слайд 16
In the end
From my point of view this project is very interesting and important nowadays. We hope we managed to give you some necessary information about our beautiful town of Toropets.
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