Презентация - Quantities

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some – несколько any – сколько-нибудь much, many – много a few, a little - мало

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much many a lot of UNs CNs CNsUNs + + + ? ? ? - - -

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a few a little CNs UNs There are a few There is a little cats in the room. milk in the glass

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some any + - ? ? There are some apples There are not any on the table. apples on the table. Can I have some tea? Are there any apples on the table? Would you like some I haven’t any cats. coffee?

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a) many b) much c) a lot of
Much, many or a lot of?

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Much, many or a lot of?

Слайд 8

III. 1. I have got … dollars. 2. There are … plums on the tree. 3. There is … butter in the fridge 4. You have got … flour in the cupboard. 5. There are … sandwiches in the pocket

Слайд 9

IV. 1. There are … onions and … mineral water. 2. There is … orange juice but … tomato juice in the fridge. a) a few b) a little c) much

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V. 1. There is… juice in the glass. 2. There are … tomatoes in the plate. 3. There are not … potatoes at home. 4. There isn’t … butter in the fridge. 5. Are there … biscuits on the table? Choose the right answer: VI. 1. Is there … milk in the bottle? 2.There is … snow on the ground. 3. Are there … eggs in the fridge? a) some b) any c) a

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