Презентация - Игра-викторина для 4 классов по английскому языку

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Игра-викторина для 4 классов по английскому языку
Составила: учитель английского языка ГБОУ школы №579 © Липовицкая Мария Анатольевна

Слайд 2

Let`s count 10 20 30 40 50 60
The famous characters 10 20 30 40 50 60
Grammar practice 10 20 30 40 50 60
Answer the questions 10 20 30 40 50 60

Слайд 3

Ten plus eleven is…

Слайд 4

Eight plus eight is…

Слайд 5

Seven plus thirteen is…

Слайд 6

Fourteen plus eight is…

Слайд 7

Twenty minus twelve is…

Слайд 8

Twenty-two minus ten is…

Слайд 9

This character is a funny bear. He is fat but very nice. He likes honey and doesn`t like bees. He enjoys to make up rhymes. He likes to visit his friends Rabbit and Piglet.

Слайд 10

This is very kind girl. She is very beautiful, much more beautiful than her stepmother. That`s why her stepmother sent her to the forest. But girl found seven friends there. They were Seven dwarfs. They all lived very happily together.

Слайд 11

This man is a character of English folk rhymes. He is very fat. He is always hungry. He can eat everything: bread and butter, cheese and meat, churches and people. He says that his stomach is never full.
Robin the Bobbin

Слайд 12

This funny mouse is a character of the American cartoon. This mouse was created by Walt Disney. The mouse is very clever, but he always has a lot of problems with a cat. He has to make many tricks to run away from this cat.

Слайд 13

This is a boy. He has no parents. His parents were magicians and the angry man killed them. This boy is very talented and clever. He studies at the magic school. He can do a lot of magic tricks. He has got a lot of friends. They help him to fight against angry men.

Слайд 14

She is a very kind and nice girl. She has got a father but she hasn`t got a mother. Her stepmother and her stepsisters are very angry and greedy. This girl has got a godmother, a fairy. The fairy gives her a beautiful dress and crystal shoes to go to the ball. But the girl loses one shoe.

Слайд 15

How many letters are there in the English alphabet?
26 letters

Слайд 16

How many seasons are there in a year?
4 seasons

Слайд 17

What day comes after Friday?

Слайд 18

Who is my mother`s mother?
My grandmother

Слайд 19

When do the English celebrate Christmas?
In December

Слайд 20

What is Coca-Cola?
A drink

Слайд 21

She does homework every day. Он убирает дом каждый день. Она делает домашнее задание каждый день. Она убирает дом каждый день.

Слайд 22

Why do you play computer game? Почему ты играешь на компьютере? Когда ты играешь на компьютере? Кто играет на компьютере?

Слайд 23

These are the boys` hats. Эти шляпы мальчиков. Та шляпа мальчика. Эти шляпы мальчика.

Слайд 24

There isn`t ____ bread in the cupboard. Some A lot of Any

Слайд 25

You are reading the newspaper at the moment.
Ты читаешь газету в данный момент.

Слайд 26

Он купил пальто вчера.
He bought a coat yesterday.

Слайд 27

Слайд 28

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