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Saint Petersburg In brief

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Saint Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great. It is one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

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Saint Petersburg is situated in the northern part of Russia. It borders with Finland, Karelia, Vologodskaya, Pscovskaya and Novgorodskaya regions.

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Saint Petersburg is famous for its beautiful bridges. Watching the work of drawbridges at night is one of the main attractions for the tourists and the guests of the city.
Bankovsky Bridge is decorated with figures of gryphons. In ancient Greece these mythical creatures were cosidered to be the guardians of gold, the were set up in front of the building of the bank.

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Winter Palace
It was a residence of the Russian tsars and also has served as a repository of fine art since the time of Catherine II. Today the rooms of Winter Palace house the collections of the State Hermitage.

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The church of the Saviour on the Split Blood
The church was erected in 1882-1907 by A. Parland on the spot where Tsar Alexander II was mortally wounded by the terrorist bomb. The church is famous for its mosaics.

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St. Isaac’s Cathedral
It was built in 1818-1858 by A. Montferrand. The Cathedral is decorated with granite one-piece columns, its height is 101.88 m, the building weighs 300,000 tons and it can hold 13,000 people

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The Admiralty
It was built in 1806-1823 by A. Zakharov. It functioned originally as a shipyard. A 73 m high spire dominates the structure. The sculptures were designed by S. Pimenov, F. Shchedrin, I. Terebenev.

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Palace Square
It is the main and the most beautiful square in the city. There is the Triumphal (Alexander) Column (47.5 m high). It was built in 1837 in honour of the victory of Russia in the Patriotic War of 1812. the column stands thanks to the gravity alone and is not attached to the pedestal in any way.

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Other sightseengs:

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Saint Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia.

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