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Hogwarts School
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Hogwarts School was actually filmed in different places.

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Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

Слайд 4

This castle is open to the public from March to October

Слайд 5

The Dining Hall of Hogwarts

Слайд 6

Christ Church College, Oxford

Слайд 7

Professor McGonagall greeted Harry on the 16th century staircase.

Слайд 8

Hogwarts’ Library is in fact the Bodleian Library of Oxford University.

Слайд 9

The Bodleian Library has about 9 million books

Слайд 10

The cloisters of Gloucester Cathedral were used as the corridors of Hogwarts.

Слайд 11

Built in 1089, the cathedral is famous for its stained glass windows

Слайд 12

The Gloucester cloisters are also remarkable for their fan vaulting.

Слайд 13

The Lavatorium is where Harry and Ron hide from a giant troll.

Слайд 14

Durham Cathedral, Durham

Слайд 15

Harry Potter was walking through the cloisters of Durham Cathedral.

Слайд 16

Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire

Слайд 17

Cauldron used in Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom.

Слайд 18

Glennfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

Слайд 19

Choose the right answer
The Great Hall of Christ Church College was built in: 1529 1429 1629 1329

Слайд 20

Choose the right answer:
The Bodleian Library has one of the largest collections of books in the world. It has … About 7 million About 8 million About 9 million About 10 million

Слайд 21

Choose the right answer:
Where do Hagrid and Dumbledore look-alikes perform magic shows? Alnwick Castles Lacock Abbey Durham Cathedral Gloucester Cathedral

Слайд 22

Choose the right answer:
Lacock Abbey for over 300 years served as a : monastery nunnery castle cathedral

Слайд 23

Choose the right answer:
The Hogwarts express train is filmed in an actual railway line that was built between: 1895-1900 1897-1901 1890-1895 1897-1900

Слайд 24

Match numbers with letters
Harry Potter’s broom flying lessons were shot on the grounds of
The magnificent dining room in Hogwarts is
Some of Hogwarts’ corridors and classrooms were shot at
Durham Cathedral
the Great Hall of Christ Church College
Alnwick Castle

Слайд 25

Match numbers with letters
What are they famous for?
Durham Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral
Bodleian Library
one of the largest collections of books in the world
the vaulted ceilings and glass stained windows
the beautiful setting

Слайд 26

Answer the questions
Which of the castles is called“ The Windsor of the North”? Alnwick Castle When and why was the roof of Christ Church College reconstructed? A fire in the 18th century.

Слайд 27

Answer the questions
Which building was voted the nation’s best loved? Durham Cathedral What is special about Gothic windows in Durham’s cloisters? open to the elements

Слайд 28

Used literature
Speak out magazine №82, pages 2-5 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alnwick_Castle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christ_Church_Cathedral,_Oxford http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloucester_Cathedral http://testolog.narod.ru/Theory.html
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