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Meals and Table Manners
Delyanu Alyona Nechui-Levitsky Lyceum

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Spoken Interaction Producing a simple message with appropriate fluency, stress, intonation and sense groups. Maintaining a conversation on food in Moldova, using pragmatics of turn-taking,expressing agreement and disagreement. Reading ldentifying the main ideas of the text (silent reading). Reading aloud a short fragment of an unknown text with appropriate fluency, stress, intonation and sense groups. Following simple instructions given in written form. Written Interac­tion, Culture and Integrated Skill Combinations Using words (phrases, sentences) and simple forms to describe the students'personal information in familiar contexts. Compieting a fill-in-the-gap paragraph on a suitable topic from which some words have been omitted (the words are listed below the paragraph). 3,ldentifying and explaining table manners in English- Speaking Countries. Making a description of some table manners

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1). Cherry, cheese, chocolate, lunch - [tʃ]  2). Jam, juice, vegetable, jelly - [d3]  3). Tea, sweet, meat, treat - [i:]
At the beginning of the lesson we brush up phonetics:

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Let’s have a competition with a tongue-twisters:
1). The girls are drinking orange juice.  2). We all scream for ice-cream.  3). Chris can have chicken for lunch.

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Oh, I see that you are well-tempered today! You must have a good breakfast! Is it your favorite meal? T: Let’s warm up a little. What do you think of when you hear these word combinations?
Favorite meals, holiday meals, healthy meals, unhealthy meals, children meals, school meals, Russian meals, English meals

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Food Alphabet Song

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Pupils present a poster “My favorite food”

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1. It's green and you have it in salad 2. Monkeys like the yellow fruit 3. Apples, bananas, plums are ... (fruit). 4. It's a drink. In Russia people usually drink it hot, but in some countries people drink it cold

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But before going to the cafe we must refresh some words on the topic "Food". Now work in groups. Each group has its own task. The first group must find five things we can eat or drink. The second group: it's a zebra, but it lost its stripes, draw the stripes to separate the words. The third group must finish the text you have on your table . For work – 2 minutes.

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Warming up song

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OK, kids. Well done. Let's go to the cafe. Complete the sentences with the words from the box and try to lay the table. According to a British or American place setting.

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Work individually: read the text and answer the questions below it in written form. (5 minutes) Why does Mr. Taylor dislike Cabbage soup? What do English people have for breakfast? When do English people have dinner? What is sandwich? Where do many people have lunch?

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Traditionally, people in Britain have enjoyed a substantial hot meal for breakfast, featuring eggs, bacon, and sausage, accompanied by toast and tea or coffee. Many other items (kedgeree, grilled or fried tomatoes, baked beans, fried sliced bread, fried potato and mushrooms) may be included depending on taste and location.
The Traditional English Breakfast
The traditional English breakfast is called the 'Full English' and sometimes referred to as 'The Full English Fry-up'.

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Today, this dish is not usually served at breakfast time during the week. The traditional cooked breakfast has largely been replaced by simple, light foods mainly eaten cold: fruit, yogurt, packaged cereal with cold milk, and toast with a variety of spreads such as butter, jam, marmalade.

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But the packed lunch is the most common thing to eat. A packed lunch normally consists of some sandwiches, a packet of crisps, an apple and a can of something to drink, for example, coca-cola. The contents are kept in a plastic container and you take it with you when you go to school or work.
Many people eat lunch while at work or school. Employers and schools usually provide a lunch break in the middle of the day, lasting as much as an hour. Some factories and schools have canteens where you can eat.

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Role Play
And let's play. We are in the cafe and you can order something for eating and drinking. I am a waiter. You are friends. You want to order something to eat and to drink. Now discuss it in your groups and then I take your orders. The first group takes breakfast, the second – lunch, the third – dinner. For task I give you two minutes.

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In our cafe visitors usually give a tip. Now everyone can leave a tip for me. But today a tip isn't money, it's an apple you have on your tables. You give me a red apple or a green apple or a brown one. Put an apple on the plate.

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- As for me I am glad to see that you have done a good job. You have prepared good projects and good dialogues. You were active at the lesson. Your marks are good and excellent. Our lesson is over! Raise your head! Jump up high! Wave your hand! And say “Goodbye”.

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Home work
Write about food and meals in Moldova.

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Festival Food: Christmas
Christmas pudding
Mince pie