Презентация - English and Russian scientists - Учёные Великобритании и России (на английском языке)

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English and Russian scientists

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Britain and Russia, also gave the world many outstanding scientists who have helped to understand the science.

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Alexander Fleming
Alexander Fleming , the discoverer of penicillin , was born in Scotland . Almost all of his working time he spent in hospitals and laboratories. His discovery of penicillin helped suffering people more than something to for centuries. When he died in 1955 , his friend said, " ... his work , he eased more suffering than any other man."

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Faraday made ​​his most important discovery in the field of electricity - opened elekrromagnitnuyu induction. He also made several important observations of the conductivity of different materials. As is widely known throughout the world, Faraday remained a humble man , waived high titylov .

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Darwin's evolutionary theory is a holistic teaching about the historical development of the organic world. It covers a wide range of issues , the most important of which are the proof of evolution , revealing the driving forces of evolution, identification of ways and laws of the evolutionary process , and others .

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Dmitri Mendeleev
Dmitri Mendeleev - discovered the periodic law and the periodic table , predicted the discovery of many elements invented gunpowder and pirokollodiyny pycnometer , founded the Main Chamber of Weights and Measures .

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Andrew Leksel
Andrew Leksel - distinguished mathematician and researcher of comets , first calculated the orbit of Uranus and proved that Uranus is a planet and not a comet

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All of these outstanding people consider hard work and love for humanity the main reason for his success .