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Christmas in England
The presentation for the 6th form Teacher: Lapina M.A.

Слайд 2

Christmas to begin turkey pudding to buy Santa Claus stocking traditional the twenty-fifth
Repeat after the speaker:

Слайд 3

Christmastime begins in Britain in November. The shops are open every day and there are beautiful Christmas trees and decorations the windows.

Слайд 4

People go and buy presents. Everybody in England likes Christmas shopping.

Слайд 5

There is a Christmas tree in every house and the family decorate it together.

Слайд 6

Children write letters to Santa Claus. In the letters they tell Santa Claus what they want in the coming year.

Слайд 7

My name is Linda. I live in Chester with my Mum, Dad and my little sister Alice. I am normally nice to Alice and I help Mum cook breakfast on Sundays. I really want a new bicycle for Christmas. Will you give it to me, Santa? I promise I’ll be good next year. I’ll get only good marks at school and I’ll always do my homework. I’ll never watch TV until 2 a.m. again! Bye Santa, Linda Higgins
Dear Santa!

Слайд 8

Christmas is on the 25th of December. Children find a lot of presents in their stockings.

Слайд 9

Traditional Christmas food is turkey and Christmas pudding.

Слайд 10

Christmastime begins in Britain in … The shops are open … There are beautiful decorations … People go and buy … There is a Christmas tree in every house and the family decorate it … Children write letters to … Christmas is on the … Children find a lot of presents … Traditional Christmas food is …
Fill in the gaps:
every day.
in the windows.
Santa Claus.
25th of December.
in their stockings.
turkey and pudding.

Слайд 11

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-oqCGsBhTmDQ/UN63w6IqrJI/AAAAAAAAJAA/3Tp5fJSrvNQ/s1600/DSC_1412.JPG http://www.storkie.com/images/product/medium/5569.jpg http://www.playcast.ru/uploads/2013/12/01/6714744.gif http://demiart.ru/forum/uploads/post-43556-1197369579.gif http://top10photos.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Top-10-Ideas-For-Decorate-Home-At-Christmas-1.jpg http://www.golfpeople.eu/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Schermata-2012-11-26-a-09.45.37.png http://hq-kartinki.ru/foto/novogodnyaya_girlyanda_1920x1200.jpg http://img15.nnm.me/b/9/4/d/a/b75ac9a3f8894dfb277811bfc86.jpg http://dg50.mycdn.me/getImage?photoId=594987445440&photoType=0 http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/5820/89399291.1b/0_67329_56b72da6_XL http://www.playcast.ru/uploads/2015/08/31/14888508.gif http://img23.dreamies.de/img/46/b/bto8al6sbvw.gif