Презентация - English in my life - Английский в моей жизни (на английском языке)

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Zhabina Kristina 11 «V».

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In my daily life, the English language plays a big role. Every day I listen to music! And I want to hear it in the original.

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Many of my interests are related to the English language. For example, I like to watch Disney cartoons beautiful and I want to watch them in English because I believe that it would be more interesting.
Also one of my hobby is reading books! My favorite writer Ray Bradbury, he writes wonderful book and I want to read all of his books in his original versions.
look at this video

Слайд 4

If you speak English, you can freely travel around the world and feel comfortable in any countries and with the people of other nationalities.
Also in Russia you can help the tourists!

Слайд 5

English is important for me not only in this moment, but also in the future. I'm sure I‘ll need language to find a very good job!
It is very important to know the language for conclusion of contracts and agreements.
I think that in the future the importance of English language in the world will increase.