Презентация - Урок английского языка в 9 классе «Conflicts in the family and how to resolve them»

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Урок английского языка в 9 «а» классе по теме «Conflicts in the family and how to resolve them»

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The aims of the lesson are…
to repeat the lexical material Practice listening and reading Practice acting out the dialogue Practice speaking on the topic Practice using modal verbs Practice doing tests using Reported Speech

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1. Phonetic Drill
Peace and Conflict Peace is laughter like a musical bell, Conflict is people crying, Peace is everything being well, Conflict is people dying, Peace is a very wonderful thing, Conflict can be used to pursue peace, Peace is a sound that makes you sing, Conflict is the least luxurious thing, Peace is sought after and sometimes found, Conflict is punishment, paying the price, Peace is being on safe ground, Conflict makes people with heart of ice, Peace you find in your heart, Conflict tears our minds apart, So remember these words and you'll live well, Peace is laughter like a musical bell...

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What is a conflict?
What is a conflict? –It’s a harmful thing. That makes us rude and cruel. It breaks relationship and peace And starts the fights and quarrels. What should we do? Who has to help us live without conflicts? Don’t do to people harm! And learn TO LIVE IN FRIENDSHIP! What are negative features of the conflict?

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The types of conflicts

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Why do they often happen?
Conflicts may lead us to …
Can we resolve them peacefully?

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Answer the questions What do people want to know about conflicts? What is conflict? Why do conflicts happen? What can different conflicts lead to? Is it possible to prevent all conflicts? 1.It is impossible to… Prevent all conflicts. Resolve all conflicts. To start all conflicts. 2. Often people have conflicts because… They do not listen to each other. They do not talk to each other. They ignore each other. 3. Every person has the right to… Disagree with other people. Have fights with other people. Entertain other people.
4. People can resolve conflicts in a peaceful way if… they have the same values. They respect each other. They envy each other. 5. If people resolve conflicts peacefully,they… Will not have conflicts in the future. Will have better relations in the future. Will disappoint each other.

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Read the letters and say whose ideas were they: Even if people are different, it doesn’t mean they can’t get along. When you try to resolve a conflict, choose your words very carefully.

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Complete the sentences using the information from the letters. The first things to do is… Don’t use words that… people. Ask for help if communication does not… a solution. Take things into your own hands if people do not… you. Great… are made when people try different ways of doing work. To resolve a conflict, it is important… As soon as you… people, you are in trouble. Discussing two… ideas can sometimes lead to a better solution. All people need to… with each other.

Слайд 12

Provide (v) a) To have comfortable or friendly relations
2. Support (v) b) To calm down or to rest
3. Discovery(n) c) The opposite( opinion idea, advice,etc.)
4.Confident(adj) d)Finding or learning something
5.Criticise (v) e)A feeling that one can rely on oneself
6. Get on(v) f)To indicate the faults of something
7. Contrary (adj) g)To help by approval, sympethy,or by giving money
8.Relax(v) h) To offer(food,drink,information, opportunity, etc.)
Match the words with their definitions

Слайд 13

Finish the sentences.
If conflict happened between states or political parties, they… If people do not listen well,they… If you hear what the other person is saying, you… If I meet a person whose values are different from my values,I… If people respect each other’s right they… People have better relations if they… People want to learn about conflict resolution if they…

Слайд 14

How to resolve a Conflict
ask for advice smb. who is older than you
be optimistic
quarrel with people
cheer up people
think about conflict
be confident and relaxed
punish unfairly
bother someone
speak calmly
trouble people
listen attentively to other people
ignore someone’s opinion
bully people
Make fun of people
avoid looking for a peaceful solution
talk to people
keep a sense of humor
provide a solutoin

Слайд 15

Match the words and create as many word combinations as possible.
Conflict Mean Values
To prevent To resolve To confuse Resolution Violent Universal Of transportation Unique Unusual National Serious Of communication Different Peaceful Annoying Unavoidable essential

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Translate the words
предотвращать конфликт несправедливый спорить поддерживать
уважать ценности мирное решение человеческие права быть толерантным
непонимание плохие отношения частная жизнь дружить

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We should learn to observe the laws of coexistence

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And you’ll prevent All conflicts in the world! We should learn to live in peace With classmates, parents, friends
Be tolerant!

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Thomas Jefferson

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She asked him, « What will you do next Monday?» «Give me these books,please» said Peter to us. «Does your friend often come here, boys?» said Fred. «Do you often meet my sister at the library?» he asked me. Ann said, «I bought this book 2 years ago». «Will he return our books today?» asked Nick. Nelly asked me, “ Did you see «Hamlet” last Sunday?» «Moscow was founded in 1147», said the teacher. «Don’t hurry», I said to them. «Shut the door, Tom» she said. «Don’t drive too fast»he asked me The teacher said «Water boils at 100C degrees» She asked me, «Why didn’t you come here yesterday?» Он попросил меня не приходить завтра. Они спросили, когда приедет автобус.

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Well done! Thank you for the lesson! Good luck!!!

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All is well that ends well!
Your homework: to write the conflict resolution; to make a symbol of peace (additional homework)