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Открытый урок в 9 классе Unit 4 Lessons 5, 6. Do your parents understand you?

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Цели и задачи урока: Ознакомить учащихся с новой лексикой и отработать ее употребление в речи. Практиковать чтение с детальным пониманием прочитанного. Практиковать аудирование, устную речь и чтение. Практиковать употребление сложного дополнении.

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Listen and repeat:
to be fed with something or somebody to lecture somebody to be a loser to be cool with something to reach a compromise to be grateful to smb for smth to deserve smth It occurred to me 20131114_163635.mp4

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Read the tongue twister:
Mary Mac's mother's making Mary Mac marry me. My mother's making me marry Mary Mac. Will I always be so Merry when Mary's taking care of me? Will I always be so merry when I marry Mary Mac?

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Agree or disagree:
Parents always understand each other. Most of parents are against their children’s friends. They want their children to be unhappy. They always treat their children badly. Parents want their children to live better life than they had.

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To behave To obey smb Pocket money Drive smb mad Grow up To embarrass Pay attention to To do chores
Обращать внимание Сводить с ума Вырастать Приводить в замешательство Слушаться Делать работу по дому Карманные деньги 20131114_164043_001.3gp

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Some cooking
a mistake

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un dis ment dom ship dom ness
Comfortable Obey Agree Free Friend Wise Happy

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We expect you to come to his birthday. She made him … promise to give the picture to her. The teacher wanted me to read this book. Who made your brother … do it? I wouldn’t like my friends to see me now. Don’t let them … upset you so much. 20131114_165918.mp4

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I want (he) to be my friend. They would like (we) to learn English. They expected (she) to arrive at 6 p.m. She doesn’t want (her daughter) to come home late. Tom expects (I) to write a letter every week. Our parents want (we) to be friends. I’d like (you) to offer him help. I don't want (she) to read the letter.

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Listening: A –correct B - incorrect
1. Carol needs some advice about her sister. 2. At first Megan spent her breaks with Carol. 3. Carol admits she was pretending to be nice. 4. Carol’s dad advises Carol to discuss the problem with Megan.

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Home task:
Your home task is page 130, exercise 6 (fill in the table).

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Список используемой литературы
1. учебник 9 класса «Happy English.ru» (авторы: К.Кауфман, М.Кауфман). 2. поурочное планирование к учебнику «Happy English.ru» (авторы: К.Кауфман, М.Кауфман). 3. книга для учителя (авторы: К.Кауфман, М.Кауфман).