Презентация - Метро в Лондоне - Buying an underground ticket (на английском языке)

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IN London

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In the underground-ground Under ground there are trains, In the trains – trains There are people – people People travel somewhere, Where they work, Where they walk, Where they study, And where they talk.

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The first you should understand what station you need to reach in the Underground. Here is the underground plan.

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When you know where you go to, you should buy a ticket. Let’s study to do it. Here you see a ticket office.

Слайд 5

Tickets can be:
Single ( only one way to the destination)
Return (to the destination and back again)
Adult (for adult people)
Child (for children elder 5, children under 5 years old travel without payment)

Слайд 6

Ticket seller (TS): Next, please. Passenger: Two tickets, please. TS: Where to? P: St James Park. TS: Single or return? P: Single, please. TS: That’s ₤6.00. P: Thanks a lot. TS: You’re welcome.

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This is an underground lobby:

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Here you can see Liverpool Street Station:

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This is a tube train:

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Here you find a way out:

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