Презентация - Загадки-рифмовки (на английском языке)

На весь экран

Слайды и текст этой презентации

Слайд 1

Use your imagination and guess the word that is omitted in each rhyme.
Ready! Steady! Go!

Слайд 2

Look at my pose. You’ve guessed it of course, My favourite hobby is riding______
( a horse)

Слайд 3

I’ve got a boyfriend,we aren’t much alike I ride on my horse and he rides on his _______

Слайд 4

I don’t need my parents,I don’t need my tutor When I sit in front of my personal ______

Слайд 5

Tennis, rugby, ping pong- all I like playing games with a _____

Слайд 6

He’s a super driver, he’s ready to go far In his new and shining super modern ______

Слайд 7

I’ve got a stereo and often use it Because my hobby is techno ___
( music)

Слайд 8

Put on your boots and put on your coat: It’s rainy and there’s a hole in your _

Слайд 9

Some write poems, some write prose And I dream of growing a purple___
( rose)

Слайд 10

I’ve got a sailboat, it’s new and trimmed. The only thing I need is good strong___
( wind)