Презентация - Проект учеников 3 класса по английскому языку о прочитанных книгах «Герои книг зарубежных писателей»

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Слайд 1

Books of foreign writers.

Слайд 2

I am Karina Dzhalilova. I like reading. I like reading books about Harry Potter. He is from London. He is brave and clever.

Слайд 3

I am Roman Shaikhiev. I read books about monsters. This monster is funny. He has three legs and four arms, six ears and three eyes. He is from Mars.

Слайд 4

I am Karina Mishinyova. I like reading books about beautiful girls. This is Barbie. She is cute and clever. I like Barbie. And you?

Слайд 5

My name is Alexander Groznykh. My favorite book is “Maugli” by Kipling. He is an English writer. This is a picture of Maugli and Balu. They are friends. They are nice.

Слайд 6

My name is Zlata Bakhtina. I like reading and painting. This is Pinocchio. He is from Italy. He is clever and cute. He is funny too. I like him.

Слайд 7

My name is Ksenia Gofman. And her name is Ariel. She is from France. She lives under the sea. She is nice and kind. She likes singing and dancing.

Слайд 8

This is Snow White. She is from France. She is a beautiful princess. I know she has many friends because she is very kind. I am kind too. My name is Nastya Sorochuk.

Слайд 9

My name is Svetlana Smolikova. I read a book “Narnia” . This is an American book. It is interesting . I draw a girl from this book. She is clever and brave. I like her.

Слайд 10

I am Victoria Popova. I like reading about Maugli and his friends. They live in India.

Слайд 11

My name is Yelena Semennikova. I like reading and painting. This is Peter Pan. He is from England. He can fly, but he has no mum and dad. His friends are lost boys and a fairy. I like this book.

Слайд 12

This is a book “Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. It is a short story about Christmas. It very interesting. It is about England. I will read it in English some day. I am Lyubov Kireeva.

Слайд 13

I am Lisa Chebotaryova. I like reading comics about Mickey Mouse. Look, he is funny and clever. But he is small. I like him very much. He is from America.

Слайд 14

My name is Marina Demjanova. I like animals of Australia. I am reading a book about animals now. It is an English book. Look, this is a kangaroo and crocodile.

Слайд 15

I am Pavel Stoyanov. I have read an English book about Harry Potter. He is a magician. He is the best pupil at school and a sportsman. Do you like my picture?

Слайд 16

My name is Angelina Lykhach. I like reading English fairy tales. This is a story about a fairy . Her name is Malefisenta. She can fly.