Презентация - Технологическая карта урока английского языка в 7 классе «Летние каникулы»

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How did You spend your holidays?
by the lake in the sports camp in the mountains

Слайд 3

- Hello! I am Mark. I would like to tell you about my summer holidays. I spent my holidays in the camp. I had a lot of fun there. I swam in the swimming pool. I played basketball and tennis. I went to the disco club. It was exciting. I took a lot of photos. I had a great time in the camp. And what about you?

Слайд 4

Where did you spend your holidays?
in a summer camp
in the country
at the seaside
at home

Слайд 5

Read books work in the garden Go for walks fly a kite Swim in the sea go hiking (поход) Earn money have a picnic Watch TV make barbecue Go fishing lie in the sun (загорать) Play computer games walk in the park Help your grandparents take a photo
What did you do there?

Слайд 6

What was the weather like?
The weather was ...
sunny cold hot rainy windy fine brilliant

Слайд 7

With whom did you go there?
with my perents
with my friends

Слайд 8

Tell your classmates about your summer holidays.

Слайд 9

Decide who had the most interesting holidays.
It was great! It was fun! You had a good time!
It was boring. You did nothing special.