Презентация - К уроку английского языка «Мусор живёт дольше, чем мы»

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К уроку английского языка «Мусор живёт дольше, чем мы»
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Air, water and land around us, everything is the ENVIRONMENT.
Birds and insects in the air, fish and animals in the rivers, sees and oceans, grass, flowers, mushrooms and trees on the land are bigger part of nature than the MAN is.

Слайд 2

But the man is the only creature that produces litter and damages nature, his home.

Слайд 3

With the development of civilization man's influence on nature began to increase.

Слайд 4

Nothing is forever

Слайд 5

How long do they last?
plastic bottles 180-200 years tins 10-100 years paper 2 months-2 years glass more than 1000 years

Слайд 6

Litter lasts longer than us

Слайд 7

The international organisation Greenpeace is also doing much to protect the environment.

Слайд 8

Ecological rules
Don’t throw away litter! Put it into a rubbish bin. Don’t pollute water and ground on camping. Take all the paper, plastic bags, glass bottles or metal tins with you. Don’t make much noise in the forest not to disturb wild animals and birds.

Слайд 9

Don’t cut down trees and flowers. Plant them in your garden. Collect old paper and recycle it. Reuse plastic bags, containers and bottles. Don’t wear fur coats to save animals. Turn off electricity and water. Feed birds in winter.

Слайд 10

Make your own ecological posters

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