Презентация - Урок английского языка 3 класс «What country are you from? - Из какой ты страны?»

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Слайд 1

Hello! I’m Ann. I’m from England

Слайд 2

England is a small and beautiful country.
We’ve got Big Ben! It’s in London.

Слайд 3

Hi! My name is Dave. I’m from the USA.

Слайд 4

The USA is a big country.
We’ve got Disneyland. It’s in California. It’s fantastic!

Слайд 5

I ’m Dan I’m from Scotland.

Слайд 6

Scotland is a beautiful country.
We’ve got a monster. It’s in Loch Ness!

Слайд 7

Hello! My name is __________.
I’m from ________
Russia is a _____ country.

Слайд 8

We’ve got Kremlin. It’s in ________.