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I study at Syslonger school. It is a three-storeyed building.

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There are about three hundred pupils. And 30 teachers work in our school.

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Here are some of them: Olga Gennadevna, theTeacher of Russian Language and Literature

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Nadeshda Yourevna, the teacher of history

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Tatyana Ivanovna, a biology teacher

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Larissa Gennadevna, an English teacher

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Olga Petrovna, a teacher of social studies

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My first teacher is Valentina Ivanovna, and my homeroom teacher Galina Alekseevna

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The headmster of our school is Kozlova Natalia Nikolaevna

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Our school has 14 classes and lots of classrooms.

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At our school there are many clubs where you can find classes for fun.

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The first floor has a cloak-room,a canteen, two gyms and an assembly hall. Various contests, concerts and a graduation ball for eleventh grades are held here!

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Our school is nice.

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I love my school.

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The end

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1 Where do you study? 2 What form are you in? 3 How many floors does your school have? 4 What is there on the ground floor? 5 What is there on the first and on the second floor? 6 What subjects do you study? 7 What is your favourite subject? 8 What clubs do you have? 9 How many pupils study at school? 10 How many teachers do you have? 11 Who is the principal of your school? 12 Do you have a homeroom teacher? 13 When does your school start? 14 How long does a lesson last? 15 When does your school end? Do you like your school?