Презентация - Traditions and customs of Wales

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Traditions and customs of Wales
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Traditions and customs of Wales, слайд 1
Traditions and customs of Wales
In Wales there is a lot of tradition. Here are some of them.
In Wales coming to visit for a meeting of the New year should bring a piece of coal and throw it in a specially-fueled new year's eve fire. Only after performing this custom hosts will take visitors to it come with friendly intentions.
Widespread custom "Intake New year" In Wales before midnight breed a bright fire in the fireplace and the whole family sits down around him, waiting for the battle hours. When the hands of the clock approach 12 the master of the house gets up and silently opens the door. He keeps it open until then, until the clock strikes the final blow. So he releases the old year and admits new.

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Traditions and customs of Wales, слайд 2
In some areas of Wales among farmers was common custom on New year's day to treat everyone who helped at harvest. Those who had to visit a lot of houses began to crawl in the morning. And now the New year is prepared special traditional meals: Breakfast is usually served with oat cakes, pudding, a special kind of cheese - kibben, lunch - cooked goose or steak, pie or an Apple dumpling. New year's oat cakes for Celtic peoples had a special shape is round with a hole in the middle. When baking was trying not to break, because it would be a bad omen.
In the villages of the Principality of Wales the morning of the first day of the new year starts with a visit of the young men who go from house to house, sprinkling the house and people with fresh water. This is done by means of brooms from the same evergreen plants that brings luck and prosperity. Accompanied this action singing, for which it is customary to pay sweets.

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Traditions and customs of Wales, слайд 3
Preparing for Christmas in Wales intersects with the holiday of Halloween. Welsh tradition requires that the local residents of the town or village, to choose Mary of Lid - the man who walks the streets with a horse, made of a long pole and a horse skull, decorated with colored ribbons, and begging, reading poetry

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Traditions and customs of Wales, слайд 4
In Wales there is the following tradition: the bride's relatives must catch the bride at the Church door and try to escape with it, forcing the groom and his relatives to rush in pursuit, when the stolen bride will be caught, its solemn way will give her future husband

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Traditions and customs of Wales, слайд 5
Callenig - New year celebration with gifts. In Wales, the children go from house to house, collecting gifts and wishing all the best in the New year. Mari Lwyd - holiday pre-Christian era. It is similar to our carnival. People make a stuffed horse, decorate it. Further, with this Scarecrow go from house to house, singing ditties-jokes and competing who better to paritaet next line couplets. Noson Gyflaith - Christmas tradition, which is that on the eve of Christmas, the whole family gathers together to make toffee. Most importantly biiiiitch toffee from pan. Lovespoons - old tradition, tracing its roots in the 17th century. It is to give your family, friends and loved ones "love spoon". They are carved wooden spoon with openwork handles. Each pattern on the handle has its meaning and purpose: The bell for weddings and anniversaries Cross - faith Diamond - wealth Heart - love Horseshoe - good luck The key/ keyhole - reliability, house Node - forever together Dragon - protection
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