Презентация - Future Actions (7 класс)

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Future Actions (7 класс)
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Слайд 1

Future Actions (7 класс), слайд 1
Future Actions
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Слайд 2

Future Actions (7 класс), слайд 2
Future Simple
will ’ll will not won’t (Wh) will …?

Слайд 3

Future Actions (7 класс), слайд 3
Future Simple Употребляется:
1. Predictions about the future usually with the Verbs: think, believe, expect … expressions: I’m sure, I’m afraid Adverbs: perhaps, certainly, probably e.g. His parents think he will become an artist one day. He will probably go to work. I’m sure we’ll have a great time at Joan’s party tomorrow.

Слайд 4

Future Actions (7 класс), слайд 4
Future Simple
2. for on-the-spot decisions (решения принятые в момент речи) and promises (обещания) (promiss) e.g. It’s hot in here. – I’ll open the window. I’ll help you with your homework. 3. for actions events situations which will definitely happen in the future and which we cannot control e.g. Jane will be two years old next month.

Слайд 5

Future Actions (7 класс), слайд 5
Future Simple
4. for threats (угрозы), warnings (предупреждения) e.g. Stop or I’ll shoot! 5. for requests (просьбы - просим кого-то сделать что-нибудь для нас) e.g. Will you post these letters for me, please? 6. for hopes (надежды) e.g. I hope pollution level will drop soon

Слайд 6

Future Actions (7 класс), слайд 6
Future Simple
tomorrow the day after tomorrow next week month … tonight soon in a week two months …

Слайд 7

Future Actions (7 класс), слайд 7
Future actions
Be going to - plan, intention, ambitions e.g. I’m going to buy a sports car. - predictions based on what we can see or know e.g. It’s cloudy, it’s going to rain. Present Simple (timetables) Present continuous (our plans ..)

Слайд 8

Future Actions (7 класс), слайд 8
Fill in the gaps with correct future forms of the verbs
1) The lessons at our school (start) at 8.45 every morning. 2) I believe, I (pass) my exams very well. 3) Watch out! You (fall) down. 4) My father doesn’t think, Manchester (win) the match. 5) I bought tickets to the theatre, we (see) a new play next week
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