Презентация - Виды спорта в Великобритании

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Sport in England
Prepared by a student of grade 11 Mel’nik Alena

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Great Britain has generated a number of major international sports including football, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis, badminton, squash, hockey, boxing, snooker, billiards and curling.

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The national sport of Great Britain is football. It was played in the Middle Ages. Today, this game has become the most popular all over the world.

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Squash is a competitive game with the use of rackets and a ball on a special court. The players' task is to beat the ball, bouncing off the walls and the floor alternately, without violating the established rules.

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Cricket is a popular summer team game in the UK. Players wear a certain shape - white shoes, a white T-shirt and white pants. The goal of the game is the destruction of the opponent's “gates” (goal).

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Tennis is another favorite sport of the British. Wimbledon is known to the whole world as the center of lounge tennis. Wimbledon is famous for its traditions: players must be dressed in a strict white uniform, and on the courts are not allowed to use any advertising.

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Golf is a business game. Golf is a game with a ball and clubs on a natural field. The goal of the game is to drive the ball into the hole.

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