Презентация - Paul Cezanne(1839 - 1906) (английский язык)

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Paul Cezanne (1839 – 1906)
Каргаполова Т.М. Учитель английского Языка. МАОУ «СШ с УИОП №80»

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Paul Sezanne- Titan of the art world He was born in AIX- EN- Provence on 19th January 1839. His father was very strict, self – confident and assertive. As a child, Cezanne had a poor idea of a good painting, but he received an excellent education. He learnt in a high school, from 13 t0 19 years he studied at the “Bourbon College’’. He was a very good student, he read much, wrote Latin and French poems to his last days.

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A landscape of the mountains

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He showed the unity of nature and art. “The house near the road”

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He was famous for the development of color and composition

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The artist liked to paint still-lives: different fruits on the table and kitchen things

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A still-life

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His portrait

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In 1906 after his death there was a great exhibition in Paris. He was recognised in the whole world.

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