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Hallowe’en, слайд 1

Автор: Е.В.Коновалова Н.Новгород 2018г.

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Hallowe’en, слайд 2
The history of Hallowe’en How do children celebrate Hallowe’en? How do they make jack-o’-lanterns? Invitation cards A Hallowe’en game

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Hallowe’en, слайд 3
The history of Hallowe’en

Слайд 4

Hallowe’en, слайд 4
Hallowe’en is a great holiday for children. They celebrate Hallowe’en on the 31st of October. In the past this festival was a time of fear. People believed in ghosts and witches and they stayed at home. At Hallowe‘en the ghosts of the dead and all the witches of the world rode in the sky on their broomsticks.

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Hallowe’en, слайд 5

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Hallowe’en, слайд 6

The children play a special game at Hallowe’en:Trick or Treat.They dress up as ghosts, witches, clowns or pirates and visit their neighbours. They walk from house to house and ask «Trick or Treat?"

Слайд 7

Hallowe’en, слайд 7
Trick or treat?
The sky is blue, the sky is green, Have you got a penny for Hallowe’en? Hallowe’en, Hallowe’en. Ghosts and witches can be seen. Trick or treat, Trick or treat! Give us something good to eat.

Слайд 8

Hallowe’en, слайд 8

Слайд 9

Hallowe’en, слайд 9
They take a large pumpkin and cut off a piece from the top. Then take out what is inside with a knife and spoon. Then they cut out the eyes, nose and mouth and put a candlе inside the lantern. Look, you can see the candlelight through the eyes, nose and mouth.

Слайд 10

Hallowe’en, слайд 10
Invitation cards
People invite their relatives and friends to Hallowe’en parties and sent invitation cards

Слайд 11

Hallowe’en, слайд 11
A Hallowe’en Game
The pumpkin in the patch, the pumpkin in the patch, Hi-ho on Hallowe’en, the pumpkin in the patch. The pumpkin calls a witch, the pumpkin calls a witch, Hi-ho on Hallowe’en, the pumpkin calls a witch. The witch calls a bat, the witch calls a bat, Hi-ho on Hallowe’en, the witch calls a bat. The bat calls a ghost,the bat calls a ghost, Hi-ho on Hallowe’en, the bat calls a ghost. The ghost scares us all, the ghost scares us all, Hi-ho on Hallowe’en, the ghost scares us all. We all scare the ghost, we all scare the ghost, Hi-ho on Hallowe’en, we all scare the ghost.

Слайд 12

Hallowe’en, слайд 12
Happy Hallowe’en
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