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Once upon a time

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Past Simple
Climbed watched paintedplayed walked skatedListened jumped visitedserved laughed studiedclosed passed addedOpened talked startedlived danced shoutedsmiled clapped wanted

Слайд 3

Did you watch TV last night?Yes I didDid you play basketball yesterday?No I didnt.

Слайд 4

Jack and the BeanstalkThe Ugly DucklingCinderellaThe Town Mouse and the Country MouseGoldilocks and the Three Bears

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Prince - Beanstalk- Serve - . 94 . 1

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What were Lulus dreams?
Lulus dreams last night were so funny!First she danced with the prince.Then she skated with the Ugly Duckling.After that she served porridge to the Three Bears.

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Teddy bear turn aroundTeddy bear touch the groundTeddy bear show your shoeTeddy bear that will do!

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Ex. 3 p. 95
pick up - : 3) boat 4) fish 5) hat 6) laughed 7) dived

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Ex.4 p. 95
(Portfolio Sheet) . .

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Ex. 4 p. 95Ex.12 p.48 (WB)