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A Trip to London
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A Trip to London

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Let’s unscramble the words!
bebay numontme retteha distamu liaparmetn umsemu legalry nemaic aresqu

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Match the parts

Big Trafalgar Bloody White Tower Buckingham Westminster The Houses of The Tower of Palace Tower London Bridge Ben Square Abbey Tower Parliament

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Read and translate the sights.
Big Ben Trafalgar Square Bloody Tower White Tower Buckingham Palace Westminster Abbey The Houses of Parliament The Tower of London

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Name the sights of London.

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Match the sights and their descriptions.
1. Buckingham Palace 2 London 3. The Houses of Parliament 4. The White Tower 5. The Tower of London 6. Westminster Abbey 7. Big Ben a) is the place where the Queen lives. b) is a place where some famous English people are buried c) is really a bell d) is the capital of England e) has a long and cruel history f) is the oldest part of the Tower of London g) are the symbols of England

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Make a report about London
London is the … of Great Britain. It is a very … city. It was founded about two thousand … ago. London is one of the most … and interesting … in Europe. There are … of … to visit in London. There are a lot of …, art …, cinemas, theatres and … parks in London.
cities, countries, capital, famous, places, museums, years, hundred, popular, opera, old, lots, galleries, lovely, important.

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Count your scores!