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Helping around the world
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Слайд 1

Helping around the world, слайд 1
Helping around the world
by Ilina Anna

Слайд 2

Helping around the world, слайд 2
The aim- to study global problems and find out what kind of help is provided in the world Tasks : - identify the main problems of humanity and find out what help is provided to people find out what problems exist in the animal world and what help is provided to animals develop a plan to save the Earth

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Helping around the world, слайд 3

All around the world, people help each other. Many people, like doctors and teachers, have jobs that help others. They are paid money for their work. Lots of people give their time freely to do work to help others. They are called volunteers.

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Helping around the world, слайд 4

It's wonderful to care for a sick child who needs help. It's amazing to save someone's life!
Caring For Others
Workers like doctors and nurses are very important. They help people to stay healthy, and they care for people who are sick. Some doctors called surgeons do difficult operations. Nurses work with doctors. They give medication, and care for sick people and their families. In some schools, there's a nurse to help children who are sick or who have an accident .
The people who bring babies into the world are called midwives. They also help the baby, mother and father to be well, in hospital or at home
Every year, about 130 million babies are born around the world. That's about 250 babies every minute of every day!
Surgeons at work, Russia

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Helping around the world, слайд 5

Voluntary Work
It's important to stay healthy. We should care for our body from when we are young to when we are old. When people are old, sick, or disabled, they often need help. They can get help from other people in the family, or from care workers. When people are going to die, they sometimes stay in a hospice. Hospice workers can help people a lot at the end of their life.
Every year in Russia, about 7 million people do voluntary work.
In many countries, the government helps to care for people. It gives money to workers like doctors and nurses. Sometimes, when there isn't enough money, volunteers give their help. Anyone can do voluntary work. Volunteers can be young or old! Many volunteers work with charities that help people all around the world.

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Helping around the world, слайд 6
Food For Everyone
Helping Hungry People Many people work to help others who don't have enough food. Some charities give people seeds, so that they can grow food. Some charities help farmers.
People in some parts of the world have as much food as they need to be healthy. People in other parts of the world don't have enough to eat and, sometimes they are so hungry that they can die. In some places, people can't grow crops because the weather is too hot and dry, or too wet. This often means that they don't have enough to eat. Sometimes, people can't buy food because of a war, or a natural disaster like a bad storm. Maybe food is too expensive and people don't have enough money to feed themselves and their families.
Now scientists are even making seeds that can grow with little water.
In some countries, scientists have learned to make rain! They put special chemicals into very cold clouds.
Around the world, more than one billion people don't have enough food. Without food and water, people can die after only four weeks.

Слайд 7

Helping around the world, слайд 7

Water For Everyone
Most of Earth's water is salt water in the oceans or frozen into ice. Only about 1% can be used by people for drinking, cooking, washing, farming, and industry.
Our planet Earth and almost everything on it needs water. Without water, plants, animals, and people would die. In some places there isn't enough water, and this makes life very difficult.
In places where there isn't enough water, volunteers sometimes work with local people to build wells to provide water for families. They also help to keep water in wells as clean as possible.
This chart shows how fresh water is used by people around the world.

Слайд 8

Helping around the world, слайд 8

If people drink or touch dirty water, they can get very sick. People need clean water to stay healthy. People in richer countries are lucky, because they have all the clean water that they need. In the water industry, people use chemicals to clean the dirty water that people have used.
More than one billion people don't have clean water to drink!
In poor countries, people have no clean water. Every day, they have to use dirty water for cooking, drinking, and washing.
Cleaning water, Russia
Some people have to travel a long way to collect water.
In some countries, charities give people Life Straws. Life Straws make dirty water clean and safe to drink.

Слайд 9

Helping around the world, слайд 9
Helping At Emergencies
Some emergencies are because of a natural disaster like a tsunami or an earthquake. Others are because of something that people do, like fighting in a war. In emergencies, people need help very quickly.
Help for Refugees People become refugees when they have to leave their home in an emergency or when their home is lost. There are millions of refugees in the world. Most refugees have often lost everything - their home, their job, and their school. They often live in refugee camps - special places where refugees can live and be safe.
Refugees need food, water, and somewhere to live. They also need to see a doctor if they are sick. Sometimes a country's government cares for refugees. International organizations like the United Nations usually help, too. Some charities help to build refugee camps, and to give refugees food and clothes. Other charities help people who are hurt or sick. Charities also help refugees to go back to their home when it's safe.
A refugee camp, Pakistan

Слайд 10

Helping around the world, слайд 10
Caring For Animals
Vets Veterinarians, or vets, care for animals. Some vets work in veterinary centers in towns and cities. Other vets go to farms, wildlife parks, and zoos to care for animals.
Animal Charities There are lots of animal charities. Some charities are small, and they help local animals. Other charities are large international organizations that help animals all around the world.
These vet is caring for a snow leopard in a zoo.
Animal Rescue Some people rescue wild animals. Volunteers rescue animals that are hurt after disasters like oil spills. Birds and fish that are covered in oil will die if people don't clean them.

Слайд 11

Helping around the world, слайд 11
Helping Our Planet
For millions of years, there has been life on our planet Earth. Earth has everything that people, animals, and plants need - air, water, and land. Everyone should care for our planet.
Protecting the Environment Governments, charities, and individuals are working to find ways to protect the environment. Environmental campaigners teach people about problem like pollution. They talk to governments and news reporter. They tell people about ways to stop pollution. Many volunteers help to protect the environment after a disaster. For example, they clean beaches after an oil spill, or they plant new trees after a fire.
People damage Earth with pollution that comes from vehicles like cars and planes, and from electricity used at home and in industry. To make electricity, people burn fossil fuels, like coal and oil. This makes too many gases like carbon dioxide, and they make Earth too warm. People use a lot of land to build towns and cities. They cut down millions of trees to clear land. All these things can damage the environment.
Cleaning after an oil spill, South Korea

Слайд 12

Helping around the world, слайд 12
Ways to Help Earth
You can save water! * don't use too much water when you wash your hands and face, brush your teeth, and wash the dishes. * turn off the water when you have enough. * put water in the refrigerator, so that you don't have to turn on the water and use lots of it every time you want a cold drink. * take a shower, not a bath. If you have to take a bath, don't fill the bathtub. You can save plants! *when you go out for a walk, you should always leave flowers where they grow. Then, in the future, more plants will grow from the seeds. In gardens and parks, you can grow plants that animals need for food and homes. * if we all use less electricity, we will use fewer fossil fuels. This will reduce pollution. * you should recycle things as much as possible. * when you turn off electricity, you can help to keep seals safe! Harp seals have their babies on the ocean ice in the Arctic. If Earth gets warmer, the ice will melt and the seals could be threatened. In small ways, we can help the environment in a big way. We can all help our planet!
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