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English in use. Spotlight 8 / 6f
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English in use
SPOTLIGHT 8 / 6F Мосолова Елена Николаевна, учитель английского языка ВКК МБОУ лицей №4 г. Воронеж

Слайд 2

Phrasal verb set

Слайд 3

The spring set …: the weather was warm and pleasant. It’s late, we should set … as soon as we can. If you want to go abroad you’d better set … enough money for it. The storm set the travellers … for a day. The frosty weather set … and we put our warm clothes on. They set … early in the morning to be on time. I set … quiet a sum to buy a new TV. Key: in, off, aside, back, in, off, aside.

Слайд 4

Words often confused
Arrive at/in …. Get to …. Reach We … in Rome early in the morning. Bring ….. Fetch ….. Deliver The postman … newspapers every day. Voyage … Journey …. Trip I often go on … with my class.

Слайд 5

Words often confused
Excursion … expedition … tour … The … around Europe was very exciting. Place … room… gap … Read and fill in the … in the text. Foreign … strange … curious … Brian is really …, he reads a lot of reference books.

Слайд 6

Dependent prepositions
the seaside на побережье hire напрокат season вне сезона board на борту delay безотлагательно advance заранее
at for off on without in

Слайд 7

Fill in the prepositions
There are less people … the seaside if you travel … season. You can take a bike … hire and travel around the city. The crew should be … board the ship on time and it will leave the port … delay. You can save a lot of time if you book your tickets and hotel … advance. Key: at, off, for, on, without, in.

Слайд 8

Word formation: abstract nouns
Adjective + ness = noun Happy - happiness Polite - politeness Kind - kindness Crazy - craziness Smart - smartness Careful - carefulness Quiet - quietness Noisy - noisiness
Verbs + ment = noun Development Achievement Appointment Amazement Amusement Surprizement Attachment

Слайд 9

Have more practice
Thank you for … (kind). The city … (develop) was fast. They looked at us in … (amaze). I’m having the doctor’s … (appoint) on Friday. He always shows … (polite) to people. His … (achieve) are really impressive.
kindness developement amazement appointment politeness achievements

Слайд 10

Thank you! Good job!
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