Презентация - Past simple. Прошедшее простое

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Past Simple
Прошедшее простое

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Past Simple is used
1. for actions which happened at a stated time in the past. e.g. He sold his car two weeks ago. to sell (sold; sold)

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to sell (sold; sold)

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Past Simple is used
2. to express a past state or habit. e.g. When she was young she lived in a small flat. to be (was, were; been) irregular verb to live – regular verb lived

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to live lived

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Past Simple is used
3. For past actions which happened one after the other. e.g. She put on her coat, took her bag and left the house. to put (put; put) – irregular verb to take (took; taken) – irregular verb to leave (left; left) – irregular verb

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put on, took, left

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SVOPT. S – subject V – verb O – object P – place T - time

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Affirmative (SVOPT.)
I went to school yesterday. Subject – I Verb – went Object – no object Place – to school Time - yesterday

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The auxiliary verb (operator) for the Past Simple Tense is did. auxiliary [og’zıljərı] – вспомогательный*

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I did not go to school yesterday. = I didn’t go

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Did you go to school yesterday? Short answers: Yes, I did. No, I didn’t.