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Урок английского языка 6 класс
Учитель иностранного языка Скуднева А.П. МБОУ гимназия №1 г. Липецк

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Westminster Abbey
Big Ben
Trafalgar square

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The theme for our lesson is
Beautiful London Royal London Modern London

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The king would sing about a ring that would go ding.

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Make sure you know these words.
are closely connected – тесно связаны are held - проводят are owned – являются собственностью free of charge - бесплатно feeble - слабый stomach - желудок remind - напоминать

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Match the two parts of the exercise.
1. Buckingham Palace is 2.The Mall is 3. Hyde Park used to be 4. London Zoo is situated 5. King Henry VIII had 6.The Parliament named Henry VIII 7. Elizabeth I was.a) head of the church of England in1534. b) the official residence of Queen. c) in Regent's Park. d) a hunting forest. e) a wide avenue. f) a very popular and strong queen. g) six wives.

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Prove that King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria are very important monarchs.

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The royal anthem “God save the queen”
God save our gracious Queen! Long live our noble Queen! God save the Queen! Send her victorious Happy and glorious Long to reign over us God save the Queen!
Боже, храни нашу милостивую Королеву! Долгой жизни нашей благородной Королеве! Боже, храни Королеву! Пошли ей славных побед Счастья и славы Долгого царствования над нами Боже, храни Королеву!

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1. She is … years old. 2. When Elizabeth was a little girl, her name was … 3. She studied … 4. Her hobbies were … 5. Elizabeth can drive a … 6. She became to reign in … 7. Elizabeth has …sons and … daughter.

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Home task
1. Elizabeth II reigns but doesn’t rule the country. What are her functions? (8 sentences) 2. The working day of the Queen. (8 sentences)

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Урок английского языка 6 класс Королевский Лондон
Учитель иностранного языка Скуднева А.П. МБОУ гимназия №1 г. Липецк