Презентация - Let’s save nature together

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Let’s save nature together
Prepared: pupil 6 class Goryacheva Katya. Teacher: Eliseeva Nadegda Nikolaevna

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By preserving nature, we preserve life!

Слайд 3

1. Draw the attention of others to the Ecology problem. 2. To bring thrifty attitude towards nature. 3. Assist to expansion the horizons of students.

Слайд 4

Without nature in the world of people You can’t even live a day. So let’s go to it we will Be treated as friends.

Слайд 5

«Good advise»
Children! Remember: must not *pluck flowers and trees; *breaking tree branches; *throwing garbage; *offend birds and animals.
Children, love and protect nature. We have one for everyone

Слайд 6

Everything depends on us!
*Each of us can and should contribute to the fight for nature conservation , life on Earth.

Слайд 7

Each of us to answer now.

Слайд 8

We must protect it.

Слайд 9

Problem solving should start with yourself, since it’s now that knowledge and character are being formed in us
You can only save nature together

Слайд 10

Thank you!