Презентация - My …. Is my castle.. What the theme of the lesson

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My …. Is my castle.. What the theme of the lesson
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My …. is my castle.
What the theme of the lesson

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My house is my castle.

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My house

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Who and wy
1) Home, sweet home! A) Нет лучшего места, чем дом. 2) My home is my castle. B) Мужчины строят дом – женщины очаг. 3) Men make houses – women homes C) Дом – мой милый дом. 4) East or West – home ist best D) Мой дом – моя крепость.

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John goes to school. On Monday John Bahrker gets up at a quarter to seven. He goes to the bathroom? Takes a shower? Dresses and goes to the kitchen to have breakfast? He doesn´ t usualy have milk in the morning/ He often has an egg and drink tea/ At ten to eight John is ready to go to school/ The bus stops in front of his housse/ John meets his friend Tom at the bus stop/ They go to school together/ The boys usualy have five classes on Monday/ At school they read books? Count? Sing? Songs? Run? And jump/ In the afternoon at half past twelve they have lunch/ Lohn sometimes has an apple? A cake and milk/ They go home at home at quarter past four